High, my name is Dustin Marin, and I’m the founder of the We Be High project.

I launched the first version of We Be High on the domain in July 2001 when I was studying Business and Computer Science as an undergraduate at an Ivy League on the West Coast. I ran the site for almost 20 years when a few years ago, I forgot to renew the domain and it was purchased by a company holding it hostage. After years of negotiation, I’m glad to announce that I’ve finally negotiated with the terrorists and gotten my domain back.

During this period, there have been WeBeHigh copycat sites using the We Be High name and stealing my content, but rest assured that they are just that: copycats. The original We Be High is back on its original domain name:

Cannabis has evolved a lot since when I started this site: bills for both medical and recreational use of cannabis have been signed in by congress in a growing number of states, the mass adoption of cannabinoids other than THC (namely cannabidiol, more commonly referred to as CBD), and maturation of the market and adoption of new consumption mediums (e.g. vaping). In layman’s terms: weed is a lot more accessible and stronger than it has been in years past.

As a result, I’m going through all of the old pieces on the site and updating them, fact checking them, and modernizing them. As I’ve grown, I’ve realized the many potential benefits of cannabis, and these past years have really opened my mind to the multi-faceted nature of this plant – it’s for more than just getting high before a blow off class in college. As a result, after I bring back the new revisions of the old titles on the site, I’ll start writing about these new emerging industries within cannabis. Like always, I’ll do my best to get you the best possible quality at the best possible on all cannabis products – and that mission is my ironclad guarantee to you. I work for you, not the big guys.

Right now it’s just me working on the site, so please have patience. I’ll do my best to update this when the opportunity presents itself, but I do have other obligations as well. If you’ve made it this far, introduce yourself in the comments. Let me know where you’re reading from and what you’re smoking on.