What’s the Best Time of Day to Take CBD Oil?

As more people experience the health benefits of taking CBD oil daily, a common question asked by new consumers is how the time of day can affect the effects of CBD.

Indeed, both the time of day and the dose can make a difference in how you respond to CBD. Scheduling your supplementation the right way can help you maximize the efficacy of your CBD oil.

In this article, we provide the answers about the perfect time of day to use CBD oil, different dosages, and how to adjust different forms of CBD to your needs.

Why Do People Take CBD Oil?

CBD oil has a plethora of documented health benefits. People use it to alleviate physical discomfort, reduce stress, support healthy sleep, and enhance their cognitive performance through supporting the endocannabinoid system (ECS) — the most important self-regulatory network in humans.

It’s the CBD’s interaction with the ECS that makes this compound so versatile.

There are thousands of research studies regarding the health benefits of CBD. In fact, cannabinoids have been studied more extensively than some of the popular over-the-counter products.

CBD starts to modulate the endocannabinoid system within minutes, although if you’re looking for long-term effects, you’ll need to take it consistently.

That’s because one of the main roles of CBD is to balance endocannabinoid deficiencies in your body. It does this without directly binding to the cannabinoid receptors in the brain, so it can improve your quality of life without any dangerous side effects.

Full-spectrum CBD oil also contains other beneficial nutrients that are often deficient in the Western diet. Such products offer a variety of important macro and microelements, such as:

  • Minor cannabinoids
  • Terpenes
  • Flavonoids
  • Essential fatty acids
  • Vitamins
  • Trace minerals
  • Chlorophyll

Wondering what’s the best time of the day to take CBD oil?

But do you know how much should you take in the first place?

Let’s have a brief overview of different CBD dosages.

How Much CBD Oil Should You Take?

The best CBD dosage for each individual will be slightly different — depending on the type and severity of their health problems, their unique body chemistry, the potency of their CBD product, etc.

CBD doses are expressed in milligrams and can range from 1 mg all the way up to 300 mg per day for serious health concerns. Another factor that affects the dosage is the method of consumption. For example, products like CBD oil or vape pens offer faster and more effective delivery of CBD, but the effects also start to fade faster. On the other hand, oral products like CBD gummies or capsules need more time to kick in, but the effects last longer because the CBD is gradually released by the liver. With topical formulations, you can provide relief from physical discomfort by applying CBD directly to the skin.

The best way to find out how much CBD is enough for you is to start with a very low dose and increase it gradually until you can feel the benefits of CBD without feeling drowsy. As a rule of thumb, lightweight users will need lower doses to experience the same benefits as heavyweight people.

Here we’ve prepared a CBD dosage chart based on different weight groups and the type of effects:

Weight Group Mild Effects Medium Effects Strong Effects
5 – 10 kg 2.5 mg – 5 mg 6 mg 9 mg
10 – 20 kg 6 mg 9 mg 12 mg
20 – 40 kg 9 mg 12 mg 15 mg
40 – 70 kg 12 mg 15 mg 18 mg
70 – 110 kg 20  mg 25 mg 30 mg
+110 kg 25 mg 30 mg 45 mg

How Often Should You Use CBD Oil for the Best Results?

CBD oil dropper and cannabis leaf with stethoscope

Before we tell you about the best time of the day to take CBD oil, let’s focus on the best frequency to achieve optimal results.

Again, that depends on some individual factors and your goals with CBD. However, daily supplementation of CBD has many benefits, including consistent support for the endocannabinoid system that helps encourage homeostasis. Taking CBD daily helps maintain a regular level of endocannabinoids in your body.

Depending on the cannabinoid spectrum of your product, the serving size, and other factors that affect absorption, it can take between 15–90 minutes for CBD to start interacting with your ECS.

The time CBD will stay in your system depends on:

  • Total body weight
  • Body fat percentage
  • The CBD content of your product
  • Frequency of use

Some people prefer to take several doses of CBD oil throughout the day to ensure a consistent circulation of cannabinoids in their ECS.

Most consumers like to stick with one form of CBD, such as the Gold Bee CBD oil. Others like to combine different formats or switch them depending on the occasion. At Gold Bee, we offer several forms of CBD, including oils, capsules, gummies, honey sticks, and even pet products.

What’s the Best Time of Day to Take CBD Oil?

The best time of day to take CBD oil is the one that produces the best results in your situation and fits your schedule.

Many CBD users take CBD oil in the morning, using smaller amounts to enhance focus and balance their nervous system. Others prefer taking higher doses of CBD in the evening to calm down before falling asleep. However, most people decide to take CBD consistently throughout the day to ensure regular levels of endocannabinoids in their system.

Wondering about the best time of the day to take CBD oil? Here’s a quick breakdown of what CBD can do in the morning and in the evening.

What CBD Can do When You Take It in the Morning:

Boost Concentration

When you experience brain fog that is more difficult to overcome than usual, CBD may help you get on the right track again. While CBD oil is not going to stimulate your brain like caffeine, it helps support a healthy state of balance and a calming feeling in the mind. This, in turn, may boost the bottom energy levels and ensure better focus throughout the day, while improving your stress response. Low doses of CBD can also boost morning alertness, contributing to a healthy sleep cycle.

Improve Stress Response

As Rocky Balboa once said, life isn’t all about sunshine at rainbows. Sometimes, life can kick as harder than we think. If you experience bouts of stress in the morning or have an important event, CBD can calm your GABA receptors in the brain, slowing down the hyperactive nervous system.

Relax Your Muscles

The mind and the body are equally important. When your body feels tense after a hard day or sleepless night, you can take CBD oil in the morning to relax your muscles. A topical formulation may also come in handy if the stiffness occurs in the form of flare-ups; rubbing a CBD cream onto the affected area can help with localized discomfort.

Improve Your Physical Endurance

If you exercise regularly, your warming routine can get more productive by adding a CBD warming salve or CBD oil to your workout. Use them before hitting the gym to warm up the muscles and/or after the workout to speed up regeneration processes in the body to recover faster and become ready for another session.

What CBD Can Do in the Evening

Help You Relax After a Long Day

If you feel devoid of energy after a long day, or you have a big day ahead of you, CBD is a great way to set you in the right mood for the evening. Higher doses of CBD oil can also have a sedative effect on the body, which may help you if you have trouble falling asleep.

Support Healthy Sleep Cycles

CBD oil uses a multi-faceted mechanism of interacting with our sleep cycles. One of the ways it can influence our sleep is the role it plays in modulating the activity of different stages of sleep. For example, CBD can help the body enter the first sleep phase and reduce the disturbances in the REM phase, including vivid dreams, vocalizations, tremors, and abrupt body movements.

Curb the Stream of Thoughts Before Falling Asleep

The amount of information and stimuli we receive throughout the day can significantly compromise the activity of our nervous system. The body and brain become so wired that they’re difficult to slow down after the day; and let’s face it, lying on the couch and looking at the ceiling for hours with a stream of anxious thoughts running through your head doesn’t help the situation. Taking CBD oil at the end of the day can help induce relaxation and tranquility by preventing racing thoughts and ensuring a calmer state of mind before falling asleep.

When to Take CBD Oil and Other CBD Products

doctor taking CBD oil with capsules, tinctures and cannabis plants on the table

The method of administration is an important consideration when deciding on the time of day to use CBD oil. Products like CBD tinctures and vapes will have faster effects on top of delivering more CBD to your body than oral forms like capsules and gummies. On the other hand, these oral products ensure a longer duration of effects, but they have a delayed onset and lower bioavailability.

Let’s elaborate on each of these formats and when to take them for the best results.

When to Take CBD Oil

CBD oil is administered under the tongue and absorbed into special capillaries in your mouth. This form of CBD produces faster effects since the oil doesn’t have to pass through the liver. It usually takes up to 30 minutes until you can experience a calming sensation, so it’s much easier to calculate the right timing. If this is your first time with CBD oil, we recommend that you start with ½ or 1 mL of the Gold Bee CBD oil in the morning and continue with 1-2 doses throughout the day for a consistent amount of CBD in your bloodstream. If you don’t feel any difference in your well-being after 5-7 days, you may want to slightly increase the dose and the frequency of use.

When to Take CBD Gummies and Capsules

CBD capsules and edibles act slower than oils and vapes because they need to pass through your digestive system. They usually kick in within 30–90 minutes after consumption depending on your metabolism, time of day, and whether you’ve taken CBD on a full or empty stomach. The best time of day to use CBD capsules and gummies is in the evening, preferably 2 hours before going to bed when you can’t sleep through the night and want to set the right gears in motion in your body to fall asleep faster.

When to Take CBD Topicals

CBD topicals, such as gels, salves, and creams, should be used as needed to target localized discomfort, so there’s actually no best time of the day to use them. The CBD will not pass into your bloodstream; instead, it will interact with the cannabinoid receptors in the skin’s epidermis layer.

When to Vape CBD Oil

When you vape CBD oil, it enters the bloodstream through the lung tissue, ensuring fast-acting effects. The calming sensation usually takes hold within 5-10 minutes after inhalation, lasting up to 3-4 hours. The best time to vape CBD oil is when you’re going through a stressful event and want to reduce tension almost immediately.

Final Thoughts on the Best Time of Day to Take CBD Oil

It’s almost impossible to find the best time of day to take CBD oil for every individual. However, you can use the above tips to figure out the best form of CBD, dosage, and scheduling — and get the most out of your supplementation.

Keep experimenting with different timing and dosages, and listen to what your body is telling. Once you know what works best for you, stick to your routine and observe the results, writing them down in a log or journal.

Just make sure that your CBD oil comes from a reputable source that uses high-quality ingredients and doesn’t cut corners on lab testing. Here at Gold Bee, we use organic hemp from Colorado to ensure the highest quality of the sourcing material. All of our CBD products are extracted with CO2 and tested at different stages of production to ensure consistent potency and safety.

What’s the best time of day to take CBD oil in your opinion? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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