Where to Buy CBD Oil in California?

California is one of the most cannabis-friendly states in the US. The Golden State legalized medical cannabis in 1996 and has since then taken the leadership in liberalizing the laws surrounding the recreational use of the herb in the country. Now citizens of California can legally buy cannabis products from both medical and adult-use (recreational) dispensaries.

The 2018 Farm Bill also legalized hemp-derived CBD on the federal level, meaning that you can legally purchase CBD hemp oil regardless of the state you live in.

But where do people buy CBD oil in California? From Los Angeles to San Diego, the list of vendors is pretty long.

The majority of CBD products are sold online these days, and this is how we recommend buying your CBD oil.

In this article, we explain why buying CBD online is the best option and where to look for it locally in California if this is how you want to get your products.

Is CBD Oil Legal in California?

Yes, CBD oil is legal in California in every form, even when sourced from female cannabis plants. California legalized the recreational use of marijuana in January 2018; the state also quickly adapted its laws to the new Farm Bill.

Where to Buy CBD Oil in California

Since CBD oil is legally sold in California in practically every form, most people look for it in local stores. Let’s discuss your options.

Buying CBD Oil Locally in California

There’s an abundance of places selling hemp-derived CBD oil in California, from head shops and local food stores to licensed cannabis dispensaries.

Cannabis Dispensaries in California

You can buy CBD hemp oil from one of the state-licensed dispensaries in California. They are allowed to sell both hemp and marijuana products

There are many dispensaries in the state and it’s quite easy to find them. However, there are some restrictions as to where a cannabis dispensary can be located. For example, the minimum distance between a dispensary and any K-12 school, youth center, and other institutions for children is 600 feet.

The state-licensed dispensaries offer a broad selection of different CBD products, including oil drops, capsules, vapes, edibles, and ointments.

Head Shops in California

If the nearest dispensary in California is too far away from you, you can get your CBD oil from a head shop.

Similar to dispensaries, head shops run under the state laws and thus can sell a variety of products infused with hemp-derived CBD. Head shops in California typically offer CBD oil in different potencies, as well as products for vaping, such as vape pens, juices, and cartridges.

Food Stores in California

Looking for another convenient way to buy CBD oil in California? Try one of your local food stores. They are approachable and easier for most customers as they sell various health supplements and edible products. When visiting a healthy food store, there’s a high chance you’ll find CBD oil there, although not in abundance.

Where Else Should I Look for CBD Oil Locally?

California has some of the best cannabis products in the US, but if you want to buy high-quality CBD oil, the best option is a licensed dispensary.

But what if there are no health stores, head shops, or dispensaries near you? Can you get CBD oil elsewhere?

Yes, although we don’t recommend them if you’re looking for high-quality CBD products:

  • Gas stations
  • Walmart
  • GNC
  • CVS
  • Walgreens

Now that we’ve run out of local options, let’s see how to buy CBD oil online when you live in California.

Where Can You Buy CBD Oil Online for Delivery in California?

Buying CBD online comes with many perks.

For one, you can choose from a wider range of products because you have access to every American brand out there, and not every premium brand sells their products locally. In fact, many companies prefer to sell their CBD oil only through online stores.

More importantly, it’s easier to research your vendor by doing a background check on them. Learn how companies manufacture their products, ask for lab reports, and read reviews from other customers to get a general image of the brand you’re buying from.

It’s important that CBD oil is sourced from organic hemp plants to yield clean material for extraction. The extraction process itself can make or break the quality of CBD oil, so look for manufacturers who use CO2 as their extraction method. CO2-extracted products are free of toxic solvent residue and are the most effective at pulling cannabinoids from the plant.

Finally, third-party lab reports are the only way to verify if the advertised CBD content and purity of your oil matches the results from the lab’s content analysis.

Most reputable companies proudly display these results on their websites.

Finally, buying CBD oil online allows you to order directly from the source. CBD manufacturers often put fair deals on their products to encourage potential customers to try CBD oil without breaking the bank.

Many companies also have Satisfaction Guarantee Programs for those who aren’t satisfied with their products and want a refund.

Buying CBD oil online simply gives you more opportunities to get your hands on high-quality products.

How do you buy your CBD oil in California? Do you shop for CBD locally or online? Let us know in the comment section below!

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