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Best CBD Oil for Anxiety & Depression: Dosage & Benefits

Illustration of a women having anxiety

Roughly 40 million Americans suffer from clinical anxiety disorders every year. Anxiety is a normal reaction to stressors that humans developed throughout their evolution. However, when acute anxiety turns into a chronic disorder, it can take a serious toll on the quality of one’s life. Anxiety disorders affect our performance at work or school, our relationship, and the way we cope with day-to-day problems. CBD has recently become popular as a natural alternative to support anxiety sufferers. CBD (or cannabidiol) can promote feelings of calmness and relaxation without the side effects commonly associated with conventional treatment options. Looking for the …

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CBD Honey Sticks from Hemp & Cannabis: Effects, & How to Use?

CBD infused Honey stick on light green background

It’s been a long time since we’ve witnessed an innovation in the CBD industry that would make such big headlines as CBD honey sticks. We’ve already seen some fruits of the creative minds on the market — with products like gummies, vape pens, and bath bombs grabbing CBD users by the throat. But mixing honey with CBD? Somebody really deserves a medal for that. Hemp and honey are two well-known superfoods that provide a plethora of health benefits on their own. When you combine them in one product, you’re getting a 100% guilt-free CBD edible that doesn’t come with any …

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Best CBD Cyber Monday Sales & Deals for 2020

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The CBD Cyber Monday sales are going to get through the roof this year. Companies are trying to satisfy the customer demand for those who didn’t make it to the Black Friday sales. December 2nd is the most anticipated retail holiday all over the world. Whether you want to stock up on your favorite products, try out new formulas, or share CBD as a gift, you couldn’t find a better day. At WeBeHigh, we’ve prepared a list of the best 2020 Cyber Monday sales on CBD products from all the major brands that we usually recommend on our website. Browse …

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Best CBD Black Friday Sales & Deals for 2020

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The best way to get considerable discounts on CBD oil from the most reputable brands is to join the 2020 Black Friday sales. Take the opportunity and try new products from brands you’ve been researching lately, stock up on your favorite forms of CBD, or gift it to someone you care about. Looking for the best CBD Black Friday deals in 2020? You couldn’t find a better place; we’ve highlighted a list of the largest Black Friday CBD discounts and coupon codes from premium manufacturers. Most Popular Active CBD Black Friday Deals 1. Royal CBD – [ ]% off all …

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CBD and Nicotine: Does CBD Interact with Nicotine? Can They Be Taken Together?

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Decades of misinformation and propaganda against cannabis has given it a reputation of a “drug of abuse.” In fact, cannabis compounds like CBD and THC can help individuals overcome addiction and ease their withdrawal symptoms. Some scientific publications have even proposed that medical professionals should start using the term “exit drug” with regard to cannabis and addiction (1). Evidence from studies shows that pharmaceuticals having an affinity with CB2 receptors may be used in treating opiate and cocaine addiction (2). Some observational studies have also found a link between cannabis use and decreased alcohol or nicotine use (3). More people …

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