Where to Buy CBD Oil in Connecticut?

Now, if you’ve been in the CBD game for a while, you might know that Connecticut has some of the best oils on the market. But, with the laws changing on a daily basis, you can never be too sure of what to expect.

If you want to know where the best spots to buy CBD oil in Connecticut are, if you can buy it online and how the laws around it affect you — you’ve come to the right place. But first, let’s talk about the legality of both hemp and marijuana oil.

Legal Status of CBD Oil in Connecticut


Connecticut has some specific laws when it comes to marijuana. Of course, it is illegal to buy and sell recreational marijuana in the state. Naturally, that means you can’t legally use it either.

However, the state has decriminalized the substance for those suffering from various illnesses, and its laws seem to reflect the opinions of many marijuana activists. In other words, if you’re a medical marijuana cardholder, you will be able to legally purchase and consume the substance.

Among other things, you’re eligible to use marijuana products if you’re a registered citizen in the state of Connecticut and can prove that a licensed doctor is treating you for a debilitating condition. With your marijuana card, you can then buy marijuana CBD oil and other products from any licensed dispensary in the state.

To see if you are eligible to get the card, check out this link.


CBD products derived from hemp have been legal in Connecticut since 2014 when they were introduced as a part of the Farm Bill. Therefore, if you want to buy hemp CBD oil in the state, you don’t have to worry about any transportation, sales, and possession restrictions.

As far as cultivation goes, only the state department and institutions of higher education have permission to grow hemp in Connecticut.

CBD Oil in Connecticut — Buy Online or Locally

Connecticut is a great place to buy CBD oil, and many renowned stores have put down roots there. Furthermore, the most famous ones can easily be found in a number of well-populated cities like Bethel, Milford, New Haven, Bristol, and Hartford.

But, there’s no need to despair if you live far away from these areas — you can still buy CBD oil online. The only trick is to know how to choose a trustworthy supplier.

Online Shopping for CBD Oil

You can always shop for CBD oil online when you don’t feel like physically going to a dispensary. In fact, buying it online has many benefits and is a great alternative to local shops and suppliers.

Online retailers can, apart from oil, offer you a huge selection of other CBD products, such as tinctures, salves, and pet treats. You can also find wholesale deals when shopping online and get larger quantities at lower prices. In essence, if your daily routine requires high doses of cannabidiol, shopping online can be the most cost-effective solution.

Buy CBD Oil in Connecticut

Oils and other CBD products have taken the wellness industry and stores by storm. Hence, you can now buy cannabidiol products in a great number of shops all over Connecticut.

Business owners all over the U.S. want to capitalize on CBD’s newfound popularity. Unfortunately, some of them are selling low-quality products, so you have to do your research well. To help you out a bit, we’ve found a few reliable dispensaries you can check out right now.

The Bristol and Hartford Area

  • The Health and Wellness Dream

The Milford and New Haven Area

  • Blazin Vibes

Bethel, Danbury, and Newtown

  • Compassionate Care
  • Twilight Vapor

However, be wary when purchasing your CBD oil locally. Such oil often doesn’t go through third-party lab testing and can contain harmful substances.

To Conclude

Because there’s a growing market for CBD products (and oil in particular), you can expect even more stores to pop up soon. More often than not, though, an increase in quantity implies a decrease in quality — so be careful. Always pay attention to the reputation of your vendor, whether you’re buying online or locally.

Most reputable online vendors put their products through certain tests in order to determine if they’re safe for consumption. However, some local stores work around this process in order to cut costs. Remember that if the price of your CBD oil seems too good to be true — it probably is.

Also, keep in mind that marijuana CBD oil is meant to be used only by those with a prescription for it. In contrast, hemp-based oil is, according to the law, completely legal in all 50 states.

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