Where to Buy Weed in San Francisco, California

California has some of the most progressive weed laws in the entire US. Since the Farm Bill was introduced in 2018, the state has made it even easier to grow and buy weed. Not only that, but individuals can also grow their own plants and share with friends.

Still, there are a couple of things we should know before we visit a dispensary and try to light up in a bar. Let’s see what to expect when visiting San Francisco and where the best places to buy weed are.

California and Weed

San Francisco, California, is where the battle for marijuana legalization started in the 90s. In November 1991, 71% of San Francisco residents voted to legalize the medical use of cannabis. Nowadays, San Francisco is a cultural hub for anyone who loves weed.

What’s more, San Francisco doesn’t really import weed, so most of their marijuana supplies are high-quality. Now, let’s see what we can expect in Golden Gate City.

The Laws

First, let’s talk about marijuana laws in California. In San Francisco, anyone over the age of 21 can legally buy cannabis products from dispensaries. What’s more, we can legally have 28 grams or less of weed or 8 grams of cannabis concentrate on our person.

Keep in mind that dispensaries retain the right not to sell us any weed if we’ve already bought 28 grams that day. If we have more than 28 grams on us, the San Francisco police department could issue a $100 fine.

But what about sharing? Well, San Francisco believes sharing is caring and we can give our weed to anyone who is over 21. As long as we’re not selling or giving it to someone who’s under the legal age limit, we won’t run into trouble with the law.

Public Smoking

Now, just because we can share doesn’t mean we can do it wherever we want to. California has some pretty strict laws when it comes to public smoking. Anyone over the age of 18 getting caught smoking in public could face a $100 fine.

What’s more, since smoking isn’t allowed in most bars, we can’t do it there either. And, it’s not just about smoking. Eating cannabis edibles is also illegal in a public area. Long story short, as long we’re smoking in a private residence — we won’t have any problems.

Growing Weed

Last not but least, let’s talk about growing weed in San Francisco. The state of California allows its residents to grow up to six plants per household. But, if we want to cultivate marijuana, we need to make sure it’s not visible from any public space.

Where to Buy Weed in San Francisco, California

Since California has such lax laws when it comes to weed, buying it legally isn’t that difficult. First, let’s talk about the easiest and safest way to get it — dispensaries.


Since dispensaries in San Francisco don’t require medical marijuana cards, they’re a great place to buy weed. Not only that, but most of them have a great selection of CBD oils, vape pens, edibles, tinctures, flowers, and much more.

What’s more, for anyone visiting San Francisco for the first time, here’s a list of the top 10 dispensaries in the city. Also, there are plenty of websites online that can help us locate a shop nearby. We can also choose if we want to visit a storefront or if we want to find a dispensary that does deliveries.

Golden Gate Park

We get it; not everyone feels comfortable buying at a dispensary and needs to find a good alternative. In that case, we recommend visiting the Golden Gate Park, which is a hotspot for weed dealers.

It’s pretty easy to find someone to buy weed from in the park. Most often, someone will come up and ask if we need some buds. Of course, we recommend always checking the quality to make sure nobody’s ripping us off.

North Beach

Another great place to find weed in San Francisco is North Beach. It’s the same experience as buying it in Golden Gate Park. We don’t have to go around looking for a dealer; someone will just approach us and ask if we want to buy some buds.

But, be careful when going to North Beach. Since it’s not legal to buy and sell on the streets, police officers tend to patrol the area. Also, some of the weed that’s sold there isn’t really high quality.


When it comes to weed prices in San Francisco, they’re a bit higher compared to other parts of California. On the streets, the going rate for 3 or 4 grams is around $40–$60. But, we can usually talk down the dealers to a better price.

Of course, dispensaries tend to be a bit more expensive, depending on what we want to get. However, by going to a dispensary, we won’t have to worry about the quality of the weed we’re buying.


In California, we can find pretty much any strain of cannabis we can think of, and San Francisco is no exception. The two most popular types in San Francisco are the Blue Dream and Girl Scout Cookies.

Also, keep in mind that OG Kush comes from California, so finding weed strains that are to everyone’s liking shouldn’t be a problem. Leafly has put together a full list of the top 10 most popular strains in California.

Things to Consider

There are a couple of things to consider before going to Golden Gate Park or North Beach to buy some weed. First, never buy over 28 grams to avoid getting in trouble with the police. Moreover, we recommend staying away from these parks after dark.

Also, there are some articles online that suggest visiting Haight Street to find some weed. But, we recommend staying away from it because most of the weed that’s sold there isn’t high-quality and it’s easy to get ripped off. What’s more, stay away from dealers who call themselves the Filmore Kids because they tend to be aggressive and unreliable.

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