Where to Buy Weed in Austin, Texas

Texas has some of the most restrictive cannabis laws in the US. While the laws are slowly improving, getting a hold of any amount of marijuana is extremely difficult. Let’s talk about where to get weed in Austin and how to do it safely.

The Legislation

Cannabis is illegal for both medicinal and recreational use. However, since 2015, lawmakers have sanctioned the use of low-level THC CBD oils. Only patients who have intractable epilepsy are eligible to apply for a medical marijuana card. A certified physician has to prescribe the CBD oil and provide a treatment plan.

Moreover, patients need to provide evidence that they have already used two FDA-regulated drugs and that neither one of those worked for them. Finally, only permanent Texas residents can qualify for a medical marijuana card.

However, it’s not all bad. Some progress has been made when it comes to recreational use. First-time offenders who were caught carrying less than 56 grams of marijuana won’t get any jail time — they will only have to pay a fine.

Moreover, police officers won’t usually stop us if they see us smoking on the street. However, we advise against it, as it is still illegal and we can get a fine or be taken into custody. Finally, keep in mind it is illegal to grow or sell marijuana. Only licensed dispensaries can cultivate cannabis.

Where to Get Weed in Austin, Texas

The only legal way of getting weed anywhere in Texas is if we have a medical marijuana card. There are only a handful of licensed dispensaries around the state where patients can buy CBD oil. The rest of us have to make do and find some underground spots. Let’s see where to get weed in Austin and how to do it safely.

1. Red River

Red River is a trendy district in Austin with many bars, clubs, and restaurants. All year round, there are concerts and events happening there. We recommend going to a concert or show that attract big crowds. Austin locals are incredibly friendly and helpful, and they can help us find a reliable dealer.

2. South by Southwest Festival

The festival takes place in March, and it is a cannabis-friendly event. There are music shows, film screenings, and discussion panels happening on 40 locations across town. We can easily find some cannabis-enthusiasts that will give us the name of a good dealer or a location where we can safely buy some weed.

3. College Campuses

College campuses are usually a good place to find some weed-lovers. There are many students and locals that hang out near campuses. We can strike up a conversation with someone and find out about popular dealer hangout spots.

Moreover, we recommend visiting the University of Texas campus. We can usually find dealers in the west and north parts of the campus. The prices mostly start at $20 per gram. Finally, the last piece of advice we can give is to be careful when smoking weed grown in Texas. It is usually much more potent than the weed sold in dispensaries.

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