Where to Buy Weed in Los Angeles

Medicinal marijuana has been legal in the state of California since 1996. However, in 2016, the state passed a bill called the Proposition 64, legalizing marijuana cultivation for recreational use. Since the law was passed, Los Angeles has become a hotspot for all cannabis-enthusiasts. When planning a trip, it is important to know where to get weed in Los Angeles.

The Legislation

Having 28.5 grams on us or less is not an arrestable offense. As long as we provide some form of ID to the officer and agree to appear in court, the officers will not take us to a precinct. We only have to pay a $100 fine, and we will be free to go.

Unless we have a medical card, having more than 28.5 grams on our person is classified as a misdemeanor. We can get up to six months of jail time and a $500 fine. However, medicinal marijuana cardholders can carry over 55 grams, as long as they carry their cards with them. Moreover, cultivation is now legal, and we can grow six plants for personal use.

As long as we follow the law, police officers won’t give us a fine. If we have less than 28.5 grams, they might not even write a ticket. Most of the time, they will simply confiscate the cannabis from us, and that’s it. However, we should never smoke in a public place or while operating a vehicle. Moreover, only people over the age of 18 can legally use marijuana.

Where to Get Weed in Los Angeles

Now, there are a few spots around town where we can buy marijuana. Moreover, if we have a marijuana card or know someone who does, we can buy it from dispensaries. In addition to all the places we’re going to mention, college campuses are always a great way to buy some weed. We can find some locals or students there, and they will give some good pointers where dealers hang out or connect them with theirs. We especially recommend going to the UCLA campus, as a lot of smokers hang out there.

1. Sunset Boulevard

Many smokers and dealers hang out on Sunset Boulevard. A good rule to finding a dealer is to look for someone wearing a backpack or loitering. We recommend going there around sundown, as that’s the time it’s most crowded, and we are less likely to be noticed by the police.

2. Venice Beach

If we’re staying somewhere close to Santa Monica, we can always go to Venice Beach and find some weed there. We recommend going down to the skatepark. There are many dealers there, and they will most probably approach us — we won’t even have to ask. We can expect to pay around $20 per gram; however, the prices may vary depending on quality.

3. Cannabis Tours

Kush tours are a great way to find the best dispensaries. Moreover, if we go to a shop, we can get some good advice on what to buy and the weed there is always of high quality. There are two types of dispensaries — those that only sell medicinal marijuana and those who sell for recreational purposes.

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