Where to Buy Weed in New York City? (Top Dispensary Deals in 2021)

Illustration of New York City Map

New York has very progressive laws around cannabis. Medical marijuana patients have been using the courtesy of the New York Compassionate Care Act since its release in 2014. But recently, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo opened the doors for recreational cannabis with the decriminalization act. It’s definitely a big step forward for the advocates of legalization. With marijuana possession no longer being a crime but a minor misdemeanor, New Yorkers can welcome cannabis as something normal — not a plant that makes you a criminal. But can you buy weed in New York City if you’re not a medical marijuana patient? …

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Where to Buy Weed In Seattle? (Top Dispensary Deals 2021)

Illustration of Seattle map

Although marijuana possession remains a federal offense, Washington passed Initiative 502 in 2012, law which allowed adults over the age of 21 to buy up to one ounce of weed, 16 ounces of cannabis-infused products in solid form, or 72 ounces of cannabis oils or up to 7 grams of marijuana concentrate for recreational use. Wondering where to buy weed in Seattle? What are the best dispensaries to buy from in the city? What are the laws for both medical and recreational use of cannabis in Seattle and Washington state? Continue reading to find out! Buying Weed Online in Seattle: …

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Where to Buy Weed in Berlin, Germany

While Germany has recently legalized marijuana for medicinal use, it is still illegal to buy and sell it for recreational purposes. However, Berlin is the marijuana-friendly capital of Europe, and there are many places where we can get weed in Berlin. The Legislation While it is illegal to cultivate or sell marijuana for recreational purposes, any amount under 15 grams is allowed for personal use. Police officers usually won’t prosecute us if we were carrying 15 grams or less. We recommend carrying much less on your person and trying to avoid public places when smoking. As far as medicinal marijuana …

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