CBD & Libido: Can It Help Your Sex Life?

Some research suggests that CBD can indeed boost libido. Other studies suggest that CBD along with other cannabinoids such as THC can reduce libido.

So, what’s the truth? Is CBD good for your sex drive or not?

The answers to these questions are not so straightforward.

In this article, we will be looking at how CBD affects libido as well as going over other potential benefits CBD may offer your sex life.

How Does CBD Affect Libido?

Contrary to the idea that CBD can increase libido and improve sexual function, one study suggests the opposite. An article published in the Journal of Assisted Reproduction and Genetics suggests that prolonged cannabis use actually decreases sex drive [1].

However, this study looked at cannabis as a whole, including high percentages of the psychoactive cannabinoid THC. If they looked at the effects of CBD alone, the study may have produced very different results.

Other research suggests that CBD may help libido by reducing stress and anxiety levels [2]. Anxiety is a common cause of performance “issues” in the bedroom which can significantly reduce sex drive.

Relieving these mental blocks can help improve libido and remove performance anxiety in the bedroom.

Overall, research is limited on the matter. Many people claim that CBD helps improve libido, but with limited research and contradicting studies, it’s hard to make a positive conclusion.

One thing’s for sure, many people are using CBD for their libido and in the bedroom to improve their sex life. Although this anecdotal evidence isn’t backed by science, user reports certainly point toward CBD as an effective supplement for sex.

Does CBD Have Any Other Sexual Benefits?

Although research into the sexual benefits of CBD is limited, many people are using the cannabinoid for a range of sex-related ailments.

Below is a list of the potential benefits of CBD.

CBD as a Lubricant

If you’re struggling with poor lubrication during sex, you’re probably already using lube to make things less painful and much more pleasurable.

Many CBD companies produce CBD-infused lubricants for this exact reason.

CBD has many dermatological benefits, and in topical form, it has been proven to help manage pain and irritation.

CBD’s anti-inflammatory effect could help improve sex if you’re struggling with poor lubrication. Without proper lubrication, sexual organs can become inflamed. Using a lubricant that’s infused with CBD may help combat this issue while also relieving underlying pain.

CBD Oil & Sex Drive

With cannabinoid receptors found in the pleasure center and arousal centers of the brain as well as the reproductive organs, it’s highly likely that CBD has an effect on sex drive (libido).

In theory, when CBD oil is consumed it can directly interact with the arousal and pleasure centers in the brain.

As mentioned earlier, there’s limited research on the correlation between CBD and libido but anecdotal evidence does suggest it works for at least some people.

CBD Oil & Erectile Dysfunction

There’s some evidence to suggest CBD helps with erectile dysfunction. One article found in BioMed Research International states that cannabis therapies can ease erectile dysfunction and enhance sexual performance [3].

This study showed evidence from Ayurveda practitioners (holistic healers using Indian techniques) who have been using Cannabis Sativa for decades to treat erectile dysfunction, boost sexual performance, and increase fertility.

Although the evidence isn’t backed by science, the study shows that the flower of the cannabis plant has a long history of use in treating sexual dysfunction.

Keep in mind that because the whole flower is used, a range of cannabinoids would have been ingested, including THC. It’s difficult to say whether this benefit is down to CBD alone or a combination of different cannabinoids.

CBD Oil & Testosterone

Some evidence suggests that CBD can help balance hormones in the body [4]. CBD has been linked with the regulation of growth hormones as well as hormones that regulate mood, metabolism, and fertility.

Testosterone levels are also likely to be affected by CBD. Regulating testosterone levels can help libido and improve sexual performance in men, so if CBD does have a positive effect on the hormone it could benefit life in the bedroom in more ways than one.

What are the Best Types of CBD To Use for Sex?

Male and Female Symbol on a Pink BackgroundCBD is available in many forms. Orally consumed CBD products range from simple CBD oil to capsules, edible gummies, and honey sticks.

On top of this, there are topicals available for the skin (creams and balms) as well as sex-specific products such as CBD-infused lubricants.

So, what is the best type of CBD to use for sex?

There’s no simple answer to this and no one CBD product is better than the other. What works for one person may not work for the other, so a bit of experimentation is needed.

Furthermore, someone that’s looking to improve their libido will not need the same product as someone looking for lubrication during sex. You’ll have to analyze why exactly you want to use CBD for your sex life and find the appropriate product for the issue.

Let’s take a look at what some of the best types of CBD are and what they’re best for.

CBD Oil for Sex

Generally speaking, CBD oils are the best option for libido, erectile dysfunction, hormone imbalances, and performance-related issues.

These products enter systemic circulation where they can help regulate hormone function and alleviate the underlying causes of performance anxiety.

CBD oils are less effective for managing physical pain from sex, which is where topicals and lubricants excel.

CBD Topicals for Sex

CBD topicals are excellent for localized pain. If you have a skin condition or suffer from hyper-sensitivity, this can affect your sex life.

Using a topical CBD product such as a cream, balm, or gel may relieve your symptoms and allow you to indulge in sexual activity easier without pain.

Whether you are looking to reduce inflammation, relax a sensitive area, or reduce pain and tension, CBD topicals are perfect. Used in conjunction with an oral product, it’s a great way to combat a condition from two angles.

Topicals can also come in the form of massage lotions and oils which can be an excellent way to relax into the mood before sex.

Regardless of whether you have a pain or inflammation issue, CBD topicals can be an excellent mood-setter. For some, a CBD massage can be enough to enhance sex and libido.

CBD Lube for Sex

CBD lubes are a recent innovation. CBD is infused with a sex-safe lubricant and can be used in the same way as you would a normal lube.

The CBD that’s incorporated in the liquid may help reduce inflammation and pain caused by friction.

Some CBD lubricants also claim to enhance sexual pleasure. This could be down to the cannabinoid’s relaxing and anti-stress qualities. When both parties are more relaxed, there’s less tension and more pleasure.

How to Use CBD for Sex?

CBD Products with Hemp Leaves on a Pink BackgroundThere are many different ways to use CBD for sex. As you now know, oils, edibles, lubes, and lotions can be used to improve your sex life.

If you want to use CBD to improve libido, aid performance, or enhance pleasure there are a few ways you can do it:

  1. Before sex: consume CBD oil, capsules, or edibles 30 minutes to 1 hour before sex. This will promote relaxation and reduce stress which could aid sexual performance.
  2. Foreplay: using CBD topicals during foreplay such as oils and lotions can set the mood and aid in relaxation. They may also help if you have sensitive or particularly painful areas of skin.
  3. During Sex: using CBD lube during sex will help reduce dryness, reduce any related pain, and enhance pleasure.

CBD Dosage for Sex

CBD affects everyone differently. 

Although CBD is relatively safe to consume, it’s always wise to start with a lower potency and dose if you’ve never taken the cannabinoid before. Once you know exactly how your body reacts, you can start to up the dose until you acquire the desired effects.

There are a few factors that’ll affect how much CBD you need:

  • Bodyweight
  • Metabolism
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Tolerance

Keep these factors in mind. The older you are and the slower your metabolism, the higher your optimum dosage will be. The heavier you are, the more CBD you’ll need to achieve the effects you’re looking for.

As for CBD topicals and lubricants, it’s wise to test a sample on a small patch of skin to make sure your body doesn’t react to the substance. Once you know for sure that your skin reacts well to the CBD, you can use the topical or lube as suggested by the manufacturer.

Final Thoughts: Can CBD Make Sex Better?

Using CBD in the bedroom is becoming more and more popular. Sex-specific CBD products such as lube have been developed and are readily accessible.

Although it’s unclear whether CBD can improve libido when looking at scientific studies, there’s plenty of anecdotal evidence that suggests the cannabinoid is great for your sex life.

CBD is an excellent pain-reliever and is a good treatment for stress and anxiety. These factors may improve your sex life if you’re having problems with performance in the bedroom.

Remember, if you’re new to CBD, start with a low dose and work your way up. When using topicals and lubes for the first time, be sure to sample the substance on a small patch of skin before using it according to the manufacturer’s directions.

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