CBD for Acne: Benefits of Using Hemp Oil for Skin

You’ve probably heard of the many health benefits of CBD oil. It’s a popular health supplement for supporting the health of our nervous system, cardiovascular system, skin, and more.

If you’re reading this article, you’re likely interested in the suggested benefits of CBD for preventing acne and other skin blemishes.

What is the best CBD oil for acne? Are CBD topicals better?

To that end, we’ve scoured the industry to find its best producers.

Here are five CBD companies that we think deliver truly superior relief, for one reason or another. We’ll take a close look at the specific benefits offered by each of them.

The Best CBD Products for Acne

  • Royal CBD Oil — Best CBD Oil Overall 
  • Gold Bee CBD Oil — Best Organic CBD Oil
  • CBDPure CBD Oil — Best CBD Oil On A Budget
  • CBDistillery CBD Oil — Best CBD Isolate Oil
  • Charlotte’s Web CBD Oil — Best Topical

1. Royal CBD Oil — Best Overall

Royal CBD Oil 2500 mgYou’re looking for a CBD oil that will provide relief from acne, and you want it to do it fast and effectively. This means you’ll want it to be as potent as possible. At the same time, you also want it to be free of any nasty toxins that could worsen your condition.


For our money, we think you’ll be hard-pressed to find a company that delivers on all of these points better than Royal CBD.

Royal CBD offers a variety of high-potency oils and other products, most notably their 2,500mg CBD oil, which delivers approximately 83 milligrams of CBD per serving.

What’s more, Royal’s oils are packed with terpenes, healthy fatty acids, and a full spectrum of additional cannabinoids. All their products are third-party lab tested to ensure they’re free from impurities.

Better yet, the company has a reputation for delivering outstanding customer service thanks to its 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Royal CBD also has a unique customer rewards program, which gives you points for everything from making purchases to signing up for their newsletter to interacting with the company via social media. These points can be redeemed later for free products.

2. Gold Bee CBD Oil — Best Organic CBD Oil

goldbee cbd oil 1200mg on a white background

For many people, the earthy, hempy flavor of CBD oil can be a turn-off, and while there are plenty of companies that offer CBD in various flavors, we think the most delicious of them all comes from Gold Bee.

Gold Bee offers its oils in both natural hemp flavor as well as a honey-sweetened kiwi flavor. It also has 25 mg CBD gummies available in a jar of assorted flavors, but perhaps most unique of all is its tasty CBD-infused honey sticks.

The positive aspects of Gold Bee’s products extend beyond their delicious flavors. All of the company’s products are extracted from non-GMO, organic hemp —free of nasty pesticides, fertilizers, and other toxins, and all products are third-party tested to ensure purity and potency.

What’s more, Gold Bee makes its products using medium-chain triglyceride oils known more colloquially as MCTs. Research indicates that MCTs not only help with CBD absorption but that they can provide energy, support weight loss, and deliver a range of other health benefits.

3. Charlotte’s Web — Best Topicals

Charlottes Web CBD Topical Products on white background

When it comes to using CBD to treat acne, many people prefer to apply CBD products topically. Many producers either offer very limited topical product options or none at all. That’s definitely not the case with Charlotte’s Web, which offers 44 different topical products.

Whether you prefer to use CBD balm, cream, ointment, spray, massage oil, application sticks, or patches, Charlotte’s Web offers it in a range of scents and strengths.

What’s more, many of their topical products are specially tailored to treat specific conditions — they even have one for acne. Made using a range of anti-acne ingredients, this is the perfect cream to prevent acne or clear up an outbreak fast.

And as with all the producers on our list, Charlotte’s Web uses all of the best production techniques to ensure the utmost quality. Charlotte’s Web was actually one of the first companies to emerge in the industry and helped to establish many of the quality manufacturing processes considered the standard for excellence to this day.

4. CBDPure — Best Budget CBD Oil

cbdpure cbd oil 300mg bottle on white background

One downside to many quality CBD producers is that they can be somewhat expensive. But CBDPure offers a solution. With CBD oil priced under $30, this is a great budget-friendly option.

Most low-cost CBD producers make their products using fast and dirty chemical processes that can result in a total loss of health benefits.

CBDPure uses only high-quality hemp and leverages top-of-the-line CO2 extraction to process its hemp. Supercritical CO2 is the industry standard for a clean extraction. It’s used to craft full-spectrum oils rich in health benefits.

If you’re still worried about getting quality at such a low price, CBDPure provides a 90-day guarantee.

5. CBDistillery — Best CBD Isolate Oil

cbdistillery cbd oil 250mg on a white background

The effects of CBD tend to be somewhat subtle, especially at lower doses. But some people are looking for CBD products that offer a bit more oomph. For that, we recommend you look to CBDistillery.

While CBDistillery offers a wide variety of products in a range of strengths. For our purposes here, we’re focusing on their 5,000 mg full-spectrum CBD oil. Most companies top out in terms of CBD content at 2,500 mg, but by doubling that, CBDistillery aims to deliver faster, more substantial relief with each dose.

Furthermore, CBDistillery’s 5,000 mg oil is a full spectrum product drawn from top quality, organic hemp. This means this oil is packed with all of the terpenes, plant proteins, vitamins, fatty acids, and minerals necessary to provide all the potential health benefits of CBD products.

Like all of their products, CBDistillery ensures that its 5,000 mg oil is of the highest quality by providing third-party lab results for every batch.

How Can CBD Help Prevent Acne?

flawless girl holding cbd oil on one hand and hemp leaf on the other

Now is probably a good time to take a deeper look at exactly how CBD can prevent or relieve acne. Studies have shown that it can help in a variety of ways.

1. CBD Supports the Sebocytes

First of all, it has a lot to do with CBD’s impact on sebocytes. These are cells in the human body that are responsible for creating sebum, an oily substance that can cause acne when produced in excess.

Research has shown that CBD can help regulate sebocytes, preventing them from overproducing sebum which could lead to blockages and acne [1].

2. CBD Reduces Inflammation

Acne can also be caused or exacerbated by inflammation, and there has been a wealth of research performed that has shown that CBD can have a powerful anti-inflammatory effect [2].

This can help with preventing acne and clearing up outbreaks once they’ve already emerged.

3. CBD Is Antimicrobial

Research has also indicated that CBD offers antibacterial and antifungal effects, which can reduce concentrations of the bacteria that make existing acne outbreaks more severe [3].

And these are just the physical benefits of CBD that can help ease your acne. CBD’s mental effects might also offer relief.

4. CBD For Stress & Anxiety

Stress is a common trigger of acne outbreaks and other skin issues, and research has all but proven that CBD can be a highly effective tool for relieving the underlying physiology of the stress response [4].

Insomnia and poor sleep can also trigger acne. Studies have shown that CBD can also help with both falling asleep and staying asleep.

What Is the Best CBD Product Type for Acne?

Now you might be wondering, with so many varieties of CBD products on the market, which type is the best for acne?

The majority of studies on CBD’s impact on acne were performed using topical products.

While there are no specific studies that have compared the effects of topical application versus ingestion, these studies do suggest that topical application can help.

At the same time, studies have shown that ingested CBD can help with inflammation, stress, and sleep. Taking CBD as an oil, tincture, or some other edible form is a good bet too.

In the end, it might come down to a matter of experimentation. CBD affects everyone’s body differently, so it really depends on what works for you.

Try topical and ingested products separately to see if they deliver the results you’re looking for, and consider trying them in conjunction with one another.

It helps to keep a diary to track factors like product type, concentration, dosages, and any changes in your symptoms that may result.

Choosing The Best CBD Topicals For Acne

CBD Topical put in the center of a large hemp leaf in blue green background

If you decide to go with a topical CBD product, you might be wondering about your options because there are several.

Typically speaking, you’ll see CBD topicals offered in several different forms:

  1. Creams
  2. Balms
  3. Massage oils
  4. Ointments
  5. Sprays
  6. Sticks
  7. Patches

With the exception of the patches and sprays, the main difference between these product types comes down to consistency.

Balms and sticks tend to be more solid, like lip-balm or underarm deodorant, while creams, ointments, and oils are more viscous or liquid.

As of yet, there has been no research performed on whether these different topical types are more or less effective, so it likely just comes down to your personal preference. In general, more oily applications tend to be better for acne because they help dissolve the sebum and resist forming blockages in the pores directly.

Final Thoughts: What’s the Best CBD Product for Acne?

So what is the best CBD product for acne?

We consider Royal CBD the top choice thanks to the superior quality of their products. Their products consistently rank as the best on the market.

As a runner-up, we’re going with Gold Bee. While Royal CBD still remains ahead in terms of pure quality and customer satisfaction, the topical cream Gold Bee has designed specifically for acne is still a great option that shouldn’t go overlooked.

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