CBD Oil for Arthritis Pain: Benefits, Dosage, & Side Effects

Illustration of a man having arthritis

Arthritis refers to joint pain or joint disease caused primarily by inflammation. According to the Arthritis Foundation, it affects more than 50 million adults and 300,000 children worldwide. It’s the leading cause of disability in the US. Despite its prevalence, treatment is limited. Pharmaceutical painkillers and anti-inflammatories have traditionally been prescribed, but they often come with adverse side-effects and fail to tackle the root of the condition. CBD — just one of the cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant — is increasingly being used to treat arthritis due to its anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. In this article, we’ll discuss how …

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Best CBD Oil for Alzheimer’s & Dementia: Benefits, Dosage, How to Use

Illustration of an Old Person With Dementia in Blue Background

A staggering 50 million people suffer from dementia worldwide, and there are almost 10 million new cases per year. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common type of dementia, contributing to 60–70% of cases. The disease currently has no cure and although a lot is known about dementia and Alzheimer’s, current treatments still have a lot of room for improvement. CBD is a promising new treatment for dementia and Alzheimer’s. Studies are appearing that may prove its benefits for people with neurodegenerative disorders. How does it work, what are the benefits, and what’s the best CBD for the condition? Best 3 …

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Best CBD Oil for Diabetes: Products That Help Diabetic Support

An illustration of CBD oil bottle, a hand tested for diabetes, a blood sugar test checker, and a doctor

CBD oil has become a popular option for people suffering from several diseases and medical conditions. How popular is it? Cannabidiol (the complete name for CBD) was only legalized for sale in America in 2018. But by 2020, the industry had grown into a nearly $10 billion a year business, and forecasters predict it will double in size by 2025. What’s most amazing about those numbers: so far, the only approval CBD has received from the federal government is to treat anxiety to relieving chronic pain. All of its other possible benefits have yet to be definitively proven; the sale …

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Best CBD Oil for Pain: Top 10 Products That Actually Work in 2022

Illustration of CBD oil for pain relief

We all know that one person who always says things like “CBD can’t be that good” or “CBD oil doesn’t work.” When you hear somebody saying something like this about CBD, chances are they haven’t tried high-quality CBD oil yet. High-quality CBD oil can significantly improve your quality of life in many areas, from low mood to inflammation, pain, and seizures. For the majority of consumers, pain is the major reason for trying CBD oil. If you’ve ever typed “where to find CBD oil near me,” you’ve probably done so because you were in pain and everything that promised to …

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Best CBD Oil for Migraines and Headaches: Top 5 Products Reviews in 2022

Illustration of migraines and headaches

Migraines can knock you off for a whole day. Sometimes, this debilitating throbbing headache can last for several days in the most severe cases. If you’ve ever had a migraine attack, you’ll always throw daggers at people who compare it to a regular headache. Migraines can get beyond being manageable, preventing you from engaging in even the simplest activities. Migraines are particularly troublesome for women. 18% of women in the US suffer from regular migraines compared to only 6% of men. And yet, despite the obvious prevalence, we know very little about what causes this condition and how to manage …

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Best CBD Oil for Cats with Cancer: Top 5 Products Reviews in 2022

CBD Oil for Cats with Cancer

Although cancer is less common in cats than it is with dogs, it still affects many felines and is one of the most feared diseases in today’s world. Telltale symptoms of cancer in cats include lumps that gain size or change shape, persistent sores, loss of appetite, unexplained bleeding, and lameness. If the cancer is tumor-related, surgery and further medication may be recommended to keep the disease in remission and make sure it doesn’t strike back. However, pharmaceutical treatments are usually invasive and entail a list of harmful side effects and adverse reactions that can deteriorate the quality of your …

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Best CBD Oil for Dogs with Seizures: Top 5 Brands for 2022

CBD Oil for Dogs Surrounded by Dog Food

Witnessing your dog having a seizure attack also brings you pain, fear, and anguish. The seizure can last for about several minutes, leaving them tired, wobbly, and confused. While medications help to control their seizures, these drugs also pose risks such as lethargy, incoordination, and liver toxicity. Today, an increasing number of dog owners are trying CBD oil for dogs with seizures. They find that it helps control seizures and improves their pet’s overall wellbeing. In this article, we’ll help you choose the best CBD oil for dogs with seizures and how to administer this alternative treatment. Our Top 5 …

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Best CBD Cream for Pain Relief: Top 3 Topicals Reviewed in 2022

Illustration of CBD Cream in Peach Background

CBD topicals are becoming more and more popular. Topicals provide a way to administer CBD directly to an affected area of skin to treat many skin, muscle, and joint conditions. CBD creams are excellent for targeting pain directly at the source, be it an inflamed area of skin, recovering muscle, or painful joint. Many people use CBD creams and other topicals to treat arthritis, psoriasis, and muscle soreness with great results. So, how does CBD cream work, and what conditions can it treat? Top 3 CBD Creams for Pain: Royal CBD — Best CBD Cream Overall Gold Bee CBD — Best CBD …

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Best CBD Oil for Dogs: Top 3 Products in 2022

Illustration of dogs with a bottle of cbd pet oil

Dogs make a house a home, so providing your loyal companion with the best possible life is important to pet owners. CBD has many benefits as a gentle and natural compound for supporting your pet’s health. Whether your dog suffers from anxiety, arthritis, epilepsy, or cancer, CBD may be able to help. In this article, we’ll be looking at the benefits of CBD for dogs and reviewing the 3 top CBD brands worth checking out to keep your pet happy and healthy. Top 3 CBD Oil Brands for Dogs: Royal CBD — Best CBD Oil for Dogs Gold Bee CBD …

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Best CBD Dog Treats for Pain & Anxiety: Top Brands Review (2022)

Illustration for Best CBD Dog Food Treats

CBD products for dogs are in high demand these days. As more dog parents become aware of the health benefits of natural herbal extracts, they are transitioning from conventional remedies to things like CBD oils or edibles. Dogs have the same endocannabinoid system (ECS) as humans, meaning they can reap the benefits of CBD oil too. From anxiety to pain to hyperactivity and gastrointestinal issues, CBD can help your four-legged friend manage a range of symptoms and address the underlying cause of their health problems. Unfortunately, not every dog out there is willing to swallow earthy-tasting hemp liquid. That’s why …

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