Best CBD Oil for Dogs with Seizures: Top 5 Brands for 2022

Witnessing your dog having a seizure attack also brings you pain, fear, and anguish.

The seizure can last for about several minutes, leaving them tired, wobbly, and confused.

While medications help to control their seizures, these drugs also pose risks such as lethargy, incoordination, and liver toxicity.

Today, an increasing number of dog owners are trying CBD oil for dogs with seizures. They find that it helps control seizures and improves their pet’s overall wellbeing.

In this article, we’ll help you choose the best CBD oil for dogs with seizures and how to administer this alternative treatment.

Our Top 5 CBD Oil for Dogs Recommendations

  • Royal CBD — Editor’s Choice, Best Overall
  • Gold Bee — Best Value
  • HolistaPet — Runner-Up
  • Honest Paws — Best Extra Features
  • CBD Pure — Cheapest CBD Oil

1. Royal CBD Pet Oil — Editor’s Choice, Best Overall

Royal CBD Oil PawsRoyal CBD Pet Oil is definitely one of the best in the market. Their 30 mL bottle contains full-spectrum CBD oil rich in cannabinoids and terpenes extracted from premium-grade organic hemp, with a THC level of less than 0.3%.

What we loved:

  • Full-spectrum CBD oil
  • Three potencies to choose from
  • Natural ingredients, gluten-free, non-GMO
  • Bacon flavor
  • Laboratory-tested

What we loved best about Royal CBD is that they give you three different potencies to choose from — perfect for small, medium, and large-sized breeds.

The fact that their CBD oil also comes in bacon flavor is a huge plus. It’s quite difficult to give dogs CBD oil, especially since it tastes a bit bitter. With their tasty CBD oil though, giving your dog his CBD oil is more like giving them a treat. They’ll definitely love this one.

2. Gold Bee CBD Oil — Best Value

Gold Bee 600mg CBD Pet Oil

Gold Bee has a pet-specific CBD product, but their full-spectrum CBD oils work just as well for dogs with seizures. One 30 mL bottle has all the necessary cannabinoids and terpenes needed to produce the entourage effect.

What we loved:

  • Full-spectrum CBD oil extracted from premium-quality organic hemp
  • 600 mg of CBD per bottle
  • Non-GMO
  • Peanut Butter flavors
  • Laboratory-tested

Even though they only have one potency to choose from, but it’s more than enough for you to use Gold Bee CBD Pet oil for your beloved pet. Just dose your pet up based on their weight.

3. HolistaPet — Runner-Up

Holista CBD Oil for Dogs

This is one brand that specifically caters to our pet’s health needs. They specialize in producing hemp-derived CBD products formulated for pets. HolistaPet’s CBD oil comes in a 30 mL bottle rich in full-spectrum CBD oil and terpenes.

What we loved:

  • Full-spectrum CBD oil with organic superfoods
  • Five potencies to choose from
  • Non-gluten, non-dairy, non-GMO, vegan
  • No preservatives, artificial flavorings, or additives
  • Laboratory-tested

HolistaPet makes it easy for you to choose the potency based on your pet’s weight. Their CBD oil works wonders for your pet’s health and can help improve their symptoms.

The only thing that we didn’t like about the product is that it only comes in natural flavor, so your dog may not like its bitter aftertaste. However, you can make the oil taste better by adding it to peanut butter or their favorite treat.

3. Honest Paws CBD Oil for Dogs — Best Extra Features

Honest Paws Calm CBD Oil for Dogs

Honest Paws’ CBD Oil for Dogs is also one of our favorite brands. One 30 mL bottle contains full-spectrum CBD oil, terpenes, and extra ingredients necessary for the wellbeing of your beloved pooch.

What we loved:

  • Full-spectrum CBD oil
  • Four types to choose from
  • Four potencies to choose from
  • Non-GMO, soy-free
  • Laboratory-tested

We loved Honest Paws’ products simply because they have CBD oils that target specific problems. For example, if your dog is easily agitated and always nervous, then choose Calm since it contains chamomile oil which helps them relax.

For dogs with joint pain and stiffness, you can choose between Mobility and Relief. This helps alleviates pain and decrease inflammation.

However, if you simply want to improve your dog’s overall health, then go for Wellness. This product can already help relieve several symptoms.

What we didn’t like about it though is that it only comes in natural flavor, which many dogs don’t like.

5. CBDPure’s CBDPet Hemp Oil — Best Price

CBDPure pet oil on white background

CBDPure has always been one of the top brands that dominate the market, and we’re happy to share that they also have CBD oil for dogs. Their 60 mL bottle contains 100 mg of full-spectrum CBD, with a THC level of less than 0.3%.

What we loved:

  • 100 mg of full-spectrum CBD oil
  • Extracted from organically-grown natural hemp
  • No artificial flavorings or preservatives
  • Laboratory-tested
  • Reasonable price

CBDPure offers the best price among the products we’ve listed here. It’s cheaper than the other brands, and it also comes in a bigger bottle.

However, when it comes to potency and flavor, CBDPure’s a bit limited since it comes in only one strength (100 mg) and only one flavor (natural hemp).

Buying Guide in Choosing the Best CBD Oil for Dogs

The brands we’ve listed here are the best CBD oils for dogs. We ranked them based on customer reviews and personal experience after having tried some for our furry family members.

In this quick guide, we’ll help you choose which CBD oil best fits your pet’s needs.

How Does CBD Oil Benefit Your Dog’s Health?

What can CBD (cannabidiol) do for your dog? What does science say about using CBD for dogs with seizures?

Just like humans, dogs also have an endocannabinoid system that promotes and maintains homeostasis. Their endocannabinoid system also responds to cannabinoids.

According to a recent study, using CBD oil with epileptic dogs reduced the severity and frequency of seizures. CBD’s anticonvulsant effect not only was effective but also produced fewer side effects compared to other drugs.

CBD also helps relieve other dog health problems as well. It’s analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects relieve painful arthritic joints, which is very common in older dogs. Using CBD for dogs increased their comfort and mobility, according to a study done on osteoarthritic dogs.

Many dog owners also report using CBD oil for their pet’s anxiety and found it to be very helpful. CBD oil relieves anxiety and may help calm them down. CBD works great for dogs suffering from separation anxiety and dogs that are easily triggered by fireworks.

Additionally, CBD’s anti-cancer properties may also help slow down the growth and progression of cancer in dogs.

Other effects of CBD include improved sleep and appetite.

CBD Oil or CBD Treats — Which is Better?

CBD Oil and CBD Treats for Dogs

Using CBD treats for dogs is the easiest method of administering CBD to your pet. It comes in many flavors your dog will love.

However, compared to CBD oil, CBD treats are less potent. The high temperature during the baking process destroys some of the cannabinoids found in hemp oil.

For this reason, it’s always best to buy CBD treats from trusted brands such as HolistaPet and Honest Paws. Their products have been tested for quality, potency, and safety by reputable laboratory testing facilities, the results of which can be found online.

CBD treats also take some time to take effect. The treat has to pass through your dog’s tummy and liver before entering the bloodstream.

CBD oil for dogs, on the other hand, is more potent since no cannabinoids are lost during its production. If administered sublingually, CBD is also easily absorbed by the cells, so the beneficial effects are felt sooner.

One drawback of CBD oil though is the aroma and flavor of hemp. It smells a bit grassy and tastes bitter.

However, you can mask the hemp flavor and aroma by adding it to their favorite food, or you can simply buy flavored CBD oils such as Royal CBD and Gold Bee.

What to Look for in Choosing the Best CBD Oil for Dogs

CBD Oil Handed to Dog Sitting in the Park

Because you want the best CBD oil for your dog, you need to know what to look for in a good product.

Always choose CBD products made by trusted brands like Royal CBD and CBDPure. Their products are known for their consistency, potency, quality, and safety. Their products underwent testing done by certified laboratory facilities and found free from any contaminants and harmful microorganisms. These laboratory results can be found on the manufacturer’s website.

If your dog has multiple symptoms though, go for full-spectrum CBD oils. The cannabinoids and terpenes work together in relieving your pet’s health problems and maintaining health. This phenomenon is called the entourage effect where the different compounds found in hemp boost each other’s beneficial effects.

Of note, the CBD oil should contain no THC. If it has some THC in it, the THC level should not exceed 0.3%. Dogs are sensitive to THC and ingesting it can produce adverse side effects.

Lastly, before buying CBD oil, be sure to read reviews and feedback made by customers. You can find these reviews on the manufacturer’s website, in cannabis-related forums, or on social media platforms.

What’s the Best Way to Use CBD Oil for Dogs?

You’ll probably have no problems giving CBD oil to your dog if it has a bacon flavor like the option offered by Royal CBD.

However, for CBD oil that has a natural hemp flavor like Honest Paws, CBDPure, and HolistaPet, you can mask its bitter taste by adding it to peanut butter. You can also add CBD to their dog food mixed with chicken or salmon.

How much CBD to give depends on your dog’s weight. The rule of thumb for administering CBD oil to dogs is to give 0.25 mg of CBD per one pound of bodyweight. This is a standard dose for minor health problems.

For more severe cases like seizures, your dog will need a stronger dose, at least 0.50 mg of CBD per one pound of bodyweight.

The brands we’ve listed for you come in different potencies, and they were specially formulated based on the dog’s weight.

Is CBD Oil Safe for Dogs?

Dogs Looking at CBD Oil Dropper

Yes, CBD is safe for dogs. It’s non-toxic, and it won’t make your pet high or trigger psychoactive effects.

CBD is also well-tolerated by dogs and produces fewer side effects compared to conventional anti-seizure drugs.

Can You Give Medical Marijuana to Dogs?

It’s important to note that marijuana is dangerous to dogs.

In choosing CBD oil, make sure that it came from organic hemp. See to it as well that the full-spectrum CBD oil contains no more than 0.3% THC. This THC level is minuscule that it won’t trigger psychoactive effects.

Are There Precautions to Using CBD Oil for Dogs with Seizures?

CBD oil for dogs also produces some side effects. These include dry mouth, sleepiness, increased appetite, and low blood pressure.

The side effects are minimal though and typically well-tolerated by dogs. The side effects also go away once your dog gets used to CBD.

To be on the safe side, choose a trusted brand, and follow the instructions for administering CBD found on the bottle.

Assess your dog’s reaction to CBD and adjust the dosage accordingly until you find the best dosage for your pet’s health problems.

Final Thoughts — Best CBD Oil for Dogs with Seizures

We’ve given you great products to choose from, but our personal favorites are Royal CBD, Gold Bee, and Honest Paws.

Royal CBD takes the top spot for its different potencies and bacon-flavored CBD oil. They’re also well-known for their consistency and premium-grade CBD products at reasonable prices.

HolistaPet and Honest Paws are good choices for the same reasons as well. However, their CBD oils only come in natural hemp flavor, which puts them at a disadvantage.

All these products we’ve mentioned are especially-formulated for dogs and laboratory-tested for quality, purity, and potency. They also come in different strengths or potencies, making them perfect for all types of dogs.

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