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Where To Buy CBD Gummies Near Me? Top 5 Strongest CBD Edibles

If you’re on the lookout for the best CBD edibles, then you’ve come to the right place.

We spent 8 weeks – buying 26 different CBD gummies near me, CBD edibles online, and other CBD products. We’ll share our top 5 picks in a moment; bear with us.

While we tried lots of CBD edibles, we’ll be focusing on gummies in this review. There’s no doubt about it — CBD gummies are the best edibles on the market! Basically, you’re eating candy (which is great in and of itself), but that candy comes with a special twist! These CBD gummies can be used for pain relief, take the edge off anxiety, and even ease depressive symptoms. But, my personal favorite use has to be using these CBD gummies for sleep: I take anywhere from 15-30mg of CBD before I go to sleep and I’m out (with most gummies clocking in at around 10mg of CBD, that’s 1-3 gummies on average.)

Much like their regular cousins, CBD gummies come in a variety of shapes and sizes. That means you have so many incredible options. However, if you’re just getting acquainted with these fun edibles, you probably don’t even know where to start.

Luckily, we’ve done this review with beginners in mind, so you can read about the best ones and decide which ones you’d like to try.

On the other hand, if you already know you are getting the best CBD gummies, we hope this comparison is still useful. After all, you may find something new and exciting you’d like to try on our list. After spending weeks trialing 26 different CBD products (buying them with our own money), some being edibles for sale at a store near me, we think we’ve come across a hidden gem that you’ll love.

Finding CBD gummies near me was a novel concept just a year ago, but now it’s seemingly everywhere. Let’s dive deeper down this rabbit hole and discover why it’s so hard to find quality CBD gummies.

Finding High-Quality CBD Gummies

Not many people are aware of this, but gummies (the candy, not the CBD edibles) have been around since the late 1960s. However, one thing is sure — back then, they weren’t nearly as popular as they are now!

In 2018, CBD gummies were popularized in mainstream media. Before you knew it, the CBD craze took even the most optimistic investors aback by burgeoning into a new billion-dollar industry in a matter of months. This has been good and bad – the good being that there’s more access to infrastructure, legislative support, and technology to improve the quality of products available to consumers. However, it also means that there are plenty of fly-by-night brands selling products that contain little to no CBD in predatory packaging – promising to be the magic bullet cure for pain, anxiety, insomnia, depression, stress, and seemingly every medical condition under the sun.

We did the heavy lifting for you.

Yes, CBD gummies can be used for pain, and you can use CBD gummies for anxiety too – but you have to buy a quality product with an established track record. Depending on what type you choose, CBD gummies contain cannabis compounds such as CBN, CBG, CBD, terpenes, and vitamins – and we’ll outline brands that have these quality formulas.

CBD Gummies: A Reliable Approach to Pain, Anxiety, Insomnia, and Depression?

If you’re planning on using CBD gummies to help with a health condition, then you should be aware of the benefits of these edibles.

Namely, CBD gummies will mostly help people who suffer from anxiety and stress. In some cases, they can also help relieve pain, inflammation, and possibly queasiness.

Ultimately, if you’re looking for a way to deal with those kinds of issues without getting high, then CBD gummies are perfect for you. They’re incredibly delicious, and they provide a great source of energy.

Now all that’s left is to choose the right gummies for you! Without further ado…

Our Picks of the Best CBD Gummies for Pain, Anxiety & Sleep

1. Royal CBD Gummies (Editor’s Pick)

RoyalCBD 25mg Gummies drops bottle on white background


Pros Cons
  • Made from locally grown organic hemp
  • Extracted with supercritical CO2
  • Infused with broad-spectrum CBD
  • Delicious fruity flavors
  • 10 mg CBD per gummy
  • 3rd-party tested for potency and purity
  • Vegan
  • Non-GMO
  • Sweetened with fruit juice
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Not available in local CBD stores (this may soon change)
  • No higher potencies available

Not only do Royal CBD’s gummies look incredible, but they taste even better than they look!

Basically, if you’re looking for a vegan gummy manufacturer that seems to be too good to be true, Royal CBD is just that. However, there’s no need to be suspicious. They truly do make delicious gummies, and the company believes in full transparency.

You can basically read up on every minor detail before trying these edibles, so you know you’re eating a quality CBD product.

2. Gold Bee (Runner Up)

Gold Bee 25mg CBD gummies on white background


Pros Cons
  • Sourced from US-grown organic hemp
  • Contains full-spectrum CBD
  • Very potent: 25 mg per gummy
  • Third-party tested for potency and purity
  • Vegan
  • Non-GMO
  • Sweetened with natural sweeteners
  • Only one potency option available

Our second-best CBD gummies also come from a California-based company. Gold Bee has been established by a group of creative entrepreneurial souls who have spent the last several years in the superfoods industry. The guys know how to infuse herbal extracts into high-quality food — even if the food is meant to be snacked on the go.

If you live a busy lifestyle and need more CBD in your routine, Gold Bee will be your best company. Not only are these gummies organic and non-GMO, but they also pack a healthy dose of 25 mg CBD per cube.

Plus, there’s no gelatin inside. These gummies are made with fruit pectin.

With Gold Bee CBD gummies, you don’t need to worry about testing false-positive THC on a drug test. The gummies contain broad-spectrum CBD, which still allows you to reap the benefits from the entourage effect, but without any traces of THC.

This is a 100% organic product, including the flavors and colorings from organic dried concentrates from apple, grape, pumpkin, carrot, and black currant.

3. Green Roads Gummies (Runner Up)

greenroad gummies

Pros Cons
  • Large selection of CBD concentrations
  • Different flavors
  • High-quality hemp source
  • Third-party tested for potency and purity
  • Quite expensive
  • Infused with CBD isolate, meaning you won’t benefit from the entourage effect

Green Roads offers a variety of different CBD products for you to choose from. The great thing about this company is that each product is top-quality, so you know you’re getting the best no matter what you choose. Namely, all their products are formulated and compounded by licensed pharmacists.

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, go ahead and visit their online store. From gummy worms to gummy frogs, you’ll definitely be dazzled by the variety of products they have!

4. CBDistillery Gummies (Good, With Some Caveats)

CBDistillery gummies bottle and gummies lying in a white background

If you’re looking for a quality Vegan gummy, CBDistillery is one of the best brands in the business. The gummies are made from a pure vegan formula, and they’re 100% free of pesticides, solvents, chemicals, and GMOs. Furthermore, they don’t contain any THC.

Every vegan with a bad case of insomnia or fatigue should give this brand a chance. CBDistillery gummies can also help relieve pain.

However, if you’re not a fan of their selection of gummies, then we have another vegan brand for you.

5. Hemp Bombs CBD Gummies (Buyer Beware)

Hemp Bomb CBD gummies 60 bottle in white background

Pros Cons
  • Organic hemp
  • THC-free
  • Delicious flavors
  • Potent
  • Lab-tested for potency and quality
  • No entourage effect from CBD isolate

Hemp Bombs are just that ㅡ bombs. If you’re on the lookout for something a bit stronger than the other brands we’ve reviewed, then you need to check out this brand.

However, if you’re looking for flavorful gummies, we recommend any other brands on our list.

Overall, these gummies will help with conditions such as insomnia, stress, anxiety, and pain, so if that’s what you’re looking for, these are perfect for you.

6. Tasty Hemp Gummies

THO gummies

Pros Cons
  • Home-grown hemp from Kentucky and Colorado
  • Organi ingredients
  • 25 mg of CBD per gummy
  • Full-spectrum CBD
  • Third-party tested for potency and purity
  • High in sugar
  • Contain gelatin (not suitable for vegetarians and vegans)

Tasty Hemp CBD gummies contain all-natural, organic ingredients, including organic corn syrup, natural flavorings, and fruit juices. You can choose from one flavor option that offers an assortment of 3 flavors: cherry, lemon, and orange. At 25 mg of CBD in each gummy, these treats provide a potent dose of CBD at a reasonable price — most gummies in this price range are infused with up to 15 mg.

That being said, these gummies are high in sugar, so they might not be appropriate for children. The company also doesn’t show the lab reports for pesticides, heavy metals, and solvents; you can only see the certificates of analysis for their potency and THC content.

7. CBDfx

cbdfx gummies

Pros Cons
  • US-grown, organic hemp
  • Very potent: 40 mg of CBD per gummy
  • Infused with turmeric and spirulina
  • Lab-tested for quality and safety
  • No information about shipping on the website
  • Priced higher than competitor brands

CBDfx offers plenty of options for those who love CBD gummies. The brand offers new users and veterans products, selling two concentrations: 10 mg or 40 mg per gummy. The second option is great if you’re a heavyweight user or want to use CBD for severe pain, anxiety, or sleep problems.

There are various formulas available in CBDfx’s lineup, each having its own benefits, such as sleep aid, stress relief, and immune support. The high-strength version can also be used for pain management, although the company doesn’t say it explicitly.

Our only concern with these CBD gummies is that, similar to Tasty Hemp; they contain higher amounts of sugar than the competition. This is probably caused by the use of a full-spectrum extract, which leaves a botanical aftertaste.

8. cbdMD

cbdmd gummies

Pros Cons
  • Non-GMO, US-grown hemp
  • Broad-spectrum CBD
  • Available in 3 strengths
  • Up to 50 mg of CBD per gummy
  • Vegan
  • Gluten-free
  • Not the best-tasting gummies out there
  • No single flavor available

cbdMD makes organic CBD gummies from domestically-grown, organic hemp. The gummies are infused with broad-spectrum CBD, meaning you can benefit from the supportive cannabinoids and terpenes — but with no traces of THC. The company shows a high degree of transparency; you can access batch-specific certificates of analysis for all their products with just one click of a button.

These gummies are available in three concentrations: 10 mg, 25 mg, and 50 mg. The strongest version is best suited for whey more than 220 pounds or wants to address serious sleep deprivation, relieve severe stress, or use them for pain management.

Every container of the cbdMD vegan gummies contains an assortment of orange, strawberry, raspberry, and tropical flavors — although they’re far from the best-tasting gummies out there. If you don’t like how they taste, you can return the product within 60 days and receive a full refund.

9. Charlotte’s Web

Charlottes Web CBD gummies on white background

Pros Cons
  • Well-recognized name
  • Organic hemp
  • Full-spectrum CBD
  • Different formulas available
  • Third-party tested for potency and purity
  • 10 or 25 mg of CBD per piece
  • The company has received a few warning letters from the FDA regarding health claims.
  • “Premium” prices

Charlotte’s Web is one of the most recognizable brands in the U.S. hemp market. Since their tremendous contribution to uncovering the health benefits of CBD to the mainstream audience, the company has become a true CBD powerhouse, offering a wide range of products from organic hemp.

Charlotte’s Web has recently introduced new formulations of its award-winning CBD gummies, featuring three versions for different types of users. Our favorite variant is the Recovery one because it contains turmeric and ginger on top of full-spectrum CBD; both ingredients are known for their immune-boosting effects. You can choose between 10 or 25 mg of CBD per gummy.

Despite receiving a few warning letters from the FDA over the last few years, Charlotte’s Web is still one of the most reputable brands on the market — and a relatively safe pick for beginners.

10. Medterra

medterra gummies

Pros Cons
  • Organic, homegrown hemp
  • CO2 extraction
  • THC-free
  • Vegan
  • Different formulas
  • 25 mg of CBD per gummy
  • Third-party tested for potency and purity
  • No full-spectrum gummies available
  • Refunds don’t include shipping costs

Medterra is a small artisan company from California that specializes in premium CBD products from organic hemp. There are three types of CBD gummies available in its line-up: Immune Boost, Sleep Well and Stay Alert.

The Immune Boost version is the best option if you’re using CBD gummies for pain management. As the name suggests, Sleep Well has been formulated to promote healthy sleep and help you regulate your circadian rhythm. The Stay Alert gummies work well for enhancing focus and easing anxiety.

The gummies are available in one strength, offering 25 mg of broad-spectrum CBD in each piece. The price is reasonable, too, although Medterra doesn’t have any reward programs or discounts for returning customers, making its products less affordable than the competitor brands.

Looking for the Best CBD Gummies? Read This Before

Most people take CBD gummies because they don’t like the taste of CBD oil. Gummies are definitely the best form of CBD for fussy consumers.

The majority of high-quality CBD gummies are naturally flavored with fruit juice or fruit concentrate, which adds an appealing flavor and masks the earthy taste of full-spectrum CBD oil. These ingredients are also responsible for the appearing colors in CBD gummies.

CBD-infused gummy bears are also easier to take than gel capsules. You don’t need to swallow them down with water; instead, you can revel in their tantalizing flavors by sucking on them and delivering some of the CBD through the blood vessels in your mouth. This, in turn, gives gummies higher bioavailability.

Gummies are available in a wide range of concentrations, starting at 2 mg to even 100 mg per piece.

Below you’ll find essential information about the health benefits of CBD and the reasons why you may want to consider choosing them over other forms of cannabidiol.

CBD, the Endocannabinoid System & Human health

CBD stands for cannabidiol, a naturally occurring compound in cannabis plants that belongs to cannabinoids.

Cannabinoids are natural molecules that interact with the endocannabinoid system, which is the main regulatory network in all mammals. They engage with the cannabinoid receptors to manifest their therapeutic effects.

The ECS helps the body maintain balance to functions like memory, mood, cognition, immune function, pain signaling, sleep, mood, appetite, body temperature, and fertility.

CBD-rich products can help users manage the symptoms of many physical and psychological conditions, including:

Many people think that CBD is the same as marijuana because it’s derived from cannabis. In fact, CBD gummies are nothing like their THC counterparts because CBD doesn’t have intoxicating properties. As long as your gummies come from hemp, which should have no more than 0.3% THC, you won’t get high off of them.

Hemp-derived CBD gummies are federally legal under the premises of the 2018 Farm Bill. Products sourced from marijuana are only legal in states that have legalized cannabis for medical or recreational use.

In our guide, we focus exclusively on CBD products that are THC-free.

Using CBD Gummies for Pain, Anxiety & Sleep: What You Need to Know

As mentioned, the therapeutic versatility of CBD stems from its interaction with the ECS. CBD indirectly interacts with the cannabinoid receptors in the brain, influencing our mood, pain perception, and sleep cycles. On top of that, CBD acts on over 60 molecular pathways, so when it comes to dealing with pain, it can address the problem from different angles, e.g., by reducing inflammation and mitigating pain signals that the brain receives.

Here we elaborate on the mechanisms that make CBD gummies potentially effective for pain, anxiety, and sleep.

Do CBD Gummies Help with Pain?

When you eat CBD gummies, you deliver the active ingredient to the bloodstream through the gastrointestinal tract. From there, it interacts with the cannabinoid receptors on the surface of the immune cells, reducing the production of pro-inflammatory compounds known as cytokines. Inflammation is the leading cause of pain, and while temporary inflammation is normal, chronic episodes can cause severe discomfort and compromise your daily life. Lower inflammation levels translate into less intense pain, swelling, and redness of an affected area (1).

Another way you can use CBD gummies for pain is to mitigate pain signals sent to your brain. CBD does this by binding to the TRPV1 vanilloid receptor in the brain. The vanilloid receptor has gained its name after the oil from vanilla beans, used in folk medicine to relieve pain (2).

Not to mention CBD’s positive effect on the anandamide signaling. By increasing the concentrations of this endocannabinoid in the bloodstream, your body has a higher pain threshold, which translates into a less pronounced reaction to pain signals (3).

Can I Use CBD Gummies to Help with Anxiety?

Not only does anandamide make you more resistant to pain, but it also ensures a more stable mood. Aside from enhancing the anandamide signaling, CBD also acts on the 5-1HTA serotonin receptor (4).

Serotonin is the major neurotransmitter responsible for feelings of calm, well-being, and happiness. Low serotonin levels are associated with anxiety disorders and depression. Through its interaction with the aforementioned receptor, CBD ensures more efficient serotonin by the body — contributing to a positive mood.

Last but not least, CBD acts on the GABA receptor, which is sort of a handbrake for an overactive nervous system. Modulation of the GABA receptor results in a longer attention span and a calmer state of mind (5).

Can I Take CBD Gummies for Sleep?

While studies are inconclusive when it comes to using CBD for sleep in healthy individuals, it affects the sleep cycles of people who suffer from a range of physiological and psychological disorders.

First, CBD can act as a wake-promoting agent when taken in low doses in the morning. You can stay productive throughout the day and thus set the right gears in motion in your body to help it fall asleep faster. When you’re slacking during the day, your brain will receive signals that you haven’t been active and it’s time to do something — hence problems with falling asleep (6).

On the other hand, higher doses of CBD taken before sleep can temporarily lower your blood pressure and ensure steady breathing — preparing the body for bedtime (7).

Researchers also suggest that CBD can reduce the intensity of nightmares in people with PTSD and curb abrupt movements, vocalizations, and tremors during the REM sleep stage in patients who have Parkinson’s disease (89).

Even if CBD doesn’t directly help you achieve quality rest, you can take CBD gummies to ease pain and anxiety, both of which are strong contributors to sleep deprivation. In one study investigating the efficacy of CBD oil for anxiety and sleep, the authors concluded that CBD successfully reduced anxiety levels and helped the subjects achieve better sleep (10).

What’s the Difference Between CBD Gummies and Other Forms of CBD?

CBD gummies are one of the biggest trends in the market across the United States because they provide the most convenient and fun way to take this cannabinoid.

Here’s why you should consider trying CBD gummies:

  • A long duration of effects: CBD gummies are consumed orally, so they need to pass through the digestive system before they can enter the bloodstream and take effect. This causes a delayed onset compared to sublingual drops, but on the other hand, CBD is released this way gradually, hence the long-lasting effects.
  • Easy dosing: CBD gummies are easier to dose than other forms of CBD because each gummy carries a premeasured amount of CBD. So, if your daily dose is 20 mg, and your gummy has 10 mg, you just take 2 gummies, and that’s it. Most CBD gummies contain between 10–30 mg, although you can find gummies with up to 100 mg per count.
  • Wide range of flavors: there’s an entire world of CBD gummies in different sizes, shapes, and flavors. Usually, they include a mix of sour, sweet, and exotic options with herbal accents. Full-spectrum gummies are more likely to contain higher levels of sugar.
  • Vegan and Gluten-free: CBD gummies are appropriate for users who are vegan or allergic to gluten. Most high-quality gummies are made without wheat or animal derivatives. However, it’s always good to read through the list of ingredients to make sure you’re not buying a product that would make you feel bad.
  • Affordable: While CBD gummies are definitely more expensive than average gummy bears, they are actually more affordable for a relatively healthy treat. For example, a pack of 30 gummies containing 5 mg of CBD costs around $20, so you’re paying about 65 cents per mg of CBD.

Are CBD Gummies Safe? What Are the Potential Adverse Effects?

CBD has an excellent safety profile, so most hemp-derived CBD gummies are safe to consume as long as they come from a reputable source. Their anti-stress and pain-relieving effects are widely documented in the scientific literature, with only a short list of side effects. Most of these adverse reactions are mild and don’t occur if you don’t take CBD in extremely high doses.

Overconsumption of CBD may lead to the following side effects:

  • Dry Mouth: this is a common issue among all CBD users. CBD may engage with receptors that control saliva production in the mouth, leading to mild or moderate dryness in the mouth. You may also feel thirsty, especially when using a highly concentrated product. Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day to manage the ”cotton mouth.”
  • Dizziness: some users report feeling light-headed after taking CBD. This results from a temporary drop in blood pressure right after taking CBD gummies. People with naturally low blood pressure or those using certain medications should consult a doctor before buying CBD gummies.
  • Changes in appetite: The effects of CBD on a person’s appetite are not fully understood yet. While CBD is thought to be a mild appetite suppressant, some users report a boost of appetite after taking CBD gummies. However, this side effect may be caused by the added sugar in the gummies, which increases our drive for carbohydrate-rich food.
  • Diarrhea: Extreme doses of CBD may cause diarrhea, although this reaction is attributed to carrier oils CBD extracts are suspended in. When a person consumes too much of the oil, it may bring the call of nature upon them.

Can I Get High from CBD Gummies?

Although CBD gummies can make you feel relaxed, you won’t get high off of them like you would with marijuana edibles.

Full-spectrum CBD gummies contain trace amounts of THC, but this isn’t enough to induce intoxication. Hemp plants come with less than 0.3% THC per dry mass.

However, despite the lack of intoxication, high doses of CBD gummies can cause drowsiness. The best way is to start low and gradually increase the dose until you feel the desired effects. Remember that sometimes, CBD may need more time to take effect. Use CBD consistently for at least two weeks to get a fair assessment of the results.

CBD Dosage: How Many CBD Gummies Should You Take?

Every person will respond differently to various doses of CBD. If you’re wondering how many CBD gummies you should take throughout the day, consider the following factors:

  • Your age
  • Metabolism
  • Weight
  • Expected effects
  • Severity of symptoms
  • Potential drug interactions (consult it with your doctor)

Although there is no one-size-fits-all CBD dosage, you can use the table below as a point of reference, especially if this is your first time with CBD gummies.

Experts generally agree that a good starting dose is 2–6 mg of CBD per 10 pounds of weight. From there, users can monitor the effects throughout a week, adjusting the dosage if needed. Once you’ve found the amount of CBD that works for you, you can stick to it, as it’s impossible to build a tolerance to CBD.

Weight Group Best Dose for Mild Effects Best Dose for Moderate Effects Best Dose for Strong Effects
Less than 130 lbs. 10 mg – 11 mg 12 mg – 14 mg 15 mg – 17 mg
130 – 230 lbs. 17 mg –18 mg 19 mg – 23 mg 24 mg –27 mg
More than 230 lbs. 22 mg – 23 mg 24 mg – 30 mg 31 mg – 42 mg

Best CBD Gummies & How to Take Them: Bottom Line

CBD has a wide range of health benefits, and gummies are the most fun way for CBD-curious people to join the ever-growing crowd of CBD supporters and explore the world of edibles.

The best way to get high-quality CBD gummies is to find a reputable online supplier — such as the ones recommended at WeBeHigh — and make sure the products you’re buying are made from organic hemp and have been third-party tested for their CBD content and purity.

When you finally receive your first jar of sweet-and-sour goodness, start slowly, preferably with one gummy per day, to see how your body responds to this dose. If you feel you can take one more without feeling drowsy or sedated, take it — and reassess the effects.

Remember not to rush the second dose, as CBD must pass through your gut first, so wait up to 2 hours before taking an extra gummy bear.

If you take any medications that could interact with CBD, talk to your doctor about adding this supplement to your diet to avoid second-hand side effects. Safety first!

Reference sources:

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