Find Weed Anywhere

How to Find Weed Anywhere

Every country in the world has different laws when it comes to marijuana. Searching the internet for hours in an attempt to find a place where we can smoke weed legally can seem like a full-time job. In our guide, we’re going to talk about how to find weed anywhere and what the best ways to find a reliable dealer are.

Moreover, we’re going to see which countries legalized marijuana for recreational and medicinal purposes. In essence, this article will help you learn everything you need to know when visiting a new city or buying weed online.

Medicinal Cannabis

Currently, there over 60 countries in the world that have legalized medicinal cannabis. Out of those 60 states, 33 are located in the US. However, we need to have a medical marijuana card in order to buy weed from dispensaries. Moreover, in some countries, we can apply for a medical marijuana card only if we’re over 21.

Medicinal Cannabis in the United States

Countries in the United States have some of the most progressive marijuana laws in the world. Out of 50 countries, 30 of them have already legalized medicinal marijuana. and lawmakers are discussing new weed-related laws daily. However, every state has different restrictions when it comes to we can use marijuana can be used.

The restrictions can include the amount of cannabis that one farm produces, the type of people that can apply for a medical marijuana card or the levels of THC that are considered legal. We recommend checking out the full list of states which have legalized cannabis for medicinal use.

Medicinal Cannabis in the World

Canada and Uruguay are the only two countries in the world where buying and selling weed for medicinal and recreational purposes is legal. However, there are some countries, mainly in Europe, where cannabis for medicinal use is legal. Some of these countries include Spain, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Romania, and Macedonia. Keep in mind that marijuana for recreational use is still illegal.

How to Find a Weed Dealer Anywhere

The first time we are visiting a new destination, it can be difficult to find a reliable dealer. However, no need to worry — the process is fairly simple. All we have to do is be friendly and talk to people. Moreover, we’ll probably have more luck if we visit cafes or bars where smoking is allowed.

There are also some typical spots where most weed smokers hang out, such as parks, beaches, or clubs. A good rule of thumb for finding a dealer is to look for someone loitering and wearing a backpack.

Another great way to find weed anywhere is to go to concerts or shows. There, we will most likely find some weed-enthusiasts and dealers. Moreover, we recommend visiting college campuses in the city. We can talk to the students that might be able to help us find a dealer.

Moreover, there are many websites that can help us track down a weed dealer in any city. We recommend checking this 420 event list or Leafedin for more current information. Finally, different chatrooms on marijuana-related websites and blogs are a great way to meet more people from the community. We can talk to them in the comment section and find out where the best weed in their city is.

How to Avoid Scammers

Now that social media apps have become extremely popular, many scammers are using these platforms to try and trick us. Many apps, such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook feature adds for weed. However, we’ve not seen one legitimate add across any of these social media platforms. To avoid getting scammed, there are a few simple rules we can follow:

  1. Never buy from strangers — Unless we know the dealer or they were highly recommended to us by someone we know, we should avoid online dealers at all cost.
  2. Never pay before receiving the product — The dealers will try to convince that the “package is in the mail”; however, we should never pay for the order before we’ve received it.
  3. Mail order marijuana is usually a scam — While mail order deals are available in some countries, most of the time they’re just a scam. Moreover, all mail order businesses that claim to ship internationally always get shut down.

Buying Weed from the Deep Web

If we type “How to find weed anywhere,” one of the top recommendations will be to check on the deep web. Buying from the deep web used to be a very popular way of buying weed. However, times have changed, and there are much easier ways of finding weed nowadays. There are many websites and apps where we can find weed without much hassle.

Buying Weed from Craigslist

Depending on where we live or which state we’re visiting, buying weed from Craigslist can be a good idea. It’s not illegal to post cannabis listings or buy from the website. The website is popular in larger US cities, such as New York, Los Angeles, or Miami. However, we need to make sure the state we’re in has decriminalized marijuana use. Otherwise, buying from Craigslist for either recreational or medicinal purposes is illegal.


How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card Online

As a resident of California, I have heard a lot of different things about medical marijuana such as who is eligible and how to go about obtaining medical marijuana if you are eligible.

The laws that pertain to the medical use of marijuana in California were passed as part of proposition 215 and later amended as a result of state law SB-420.

Check out the cities and states in the city guide section for medical Marijuana legal status.

I’ll begin with a common misconception among people that you need a medical marijuana “license” to get medical marijuana.

One thing that a medical marijuana prescription definitely is not is a license. A license is something issued by the government authorizing you to partake in an activity which they regulate. The most common example of this is a driver’s license. Whether or not you get a driver’s license is determined by the state. They can and do withhold giving out driver’s licenses for reasons that have absolutely nothing to do with your proficiency in driving a motor vehicle (If a minor is convicted of certain non-driving related crimes they can lose their eligibility to drive).

The difference with a medical marijuana prescription is that there is no need for the state to approve of your individual use of medical marijuana. Rather, the medical marijuana laws allow doctors to prescribe the use of medical marijuana for certain illnesses. This is, in fact, much better news for marijuana users than if the state issued licenses.

The government can’t take away your right to use a medicine that a doctor determines you would benefit from (As long as the medication is approved by the government).

Medical marijuana is basically just like any other prescription medication as far as the law is concerned with regards to its intended use.

The only thing that differs is the method of obtaining the medication. You can’t, after all, just go down to your local pharmacy and get a prescription filled for an ounce of the best hydroponically grown buds available.

What you can do, however, is go to any one of the increasing numbers of medical marijuana co-ops and cannabis clubs around the state and buy the best marijuana, hash, cookies, brownies and anything else they have that contains marijuana.

While these dispensaries remain illegal under archaic state and federal laws they are increasingly being approved at the local level and, due to their rising numbers and acceptance by citizens, are being allowed to continue to operate and thrive.

In addition to using dispensaries to obtain marijuana, you can also cultivate it for your personal use.

In California, you are currently allowed to have 12 immature plants or 6 mature plants. In addition, you are allowed to possess up to 8 ounces of dried buds. Different cities and counties in California have passed laws allowing patients to possess more plants than the minimum allowed by California law as well as allowing possession of more than 8 ounces at a time.

Since you’re allowed to possess up to 8 ounces you can basically buy the marijuana wherever you want because, as long as you aren’t caught in the act of buying the marijuana, there is nothing the authorities can do to you. Even if you are caught in the act of buying it is unlikely you would be convicted because you could plead that it was your only source to obtain reliable medicine.

So now that you know all about what it means to be a medical marijuana patient you are probably wondering how one would go about obtaining a medical marijuana prescription.

Many people are under the misconception that medical marijuana is available only to patients who are dying of an illness. However, since marijuana is a proven pain reliever it can be prescribed for any type of chronic pain.
All a patient needs is to have had the problem documented at some point by a physician.

While any doctor licensed by the state is allowed to prescribe medical marijuana you will probably find that a lot of them aren’t willing to for various reasons.
This is fine, however as they shouldn’t prescribe marijuana as a medicine if they don’t feel comfortable doing this.

All you have to do is go to your regular doctor and have him or her document any medical condition that you have that qualifies for medical marijuana.
You do not need to tell your regular doctor that you will be going to get a medical marijuana prescription; you can just tell them that you need the diagnosis for your personal records.
After you have this document, (It can be as simple as a small piece of paper with a few words saying what your condition is and what medication you are currently using to treat the problem) then you need to find a doctor to go to who will give you a medical marijuana recommendation.

Check out the medical marijuana section on the links page, for a list of websites with doctors in California or your state.

You might have to travel a bit to see the doctor but rest assured as long as you have a note from your doctor describing your condition you will be able to get your marijuana prescription.

When you do go the see the doctor, you will most likely end up paying somewhere around $200 for the appointment. He will ask you a few questions about your condition. All you have to do is tell him that the problem is chronic and the current medication that you are using is not working.

To be safe, do some research to find out the possible side effects of any medication that you are currently taking for your medical condition. Almost any medication is going to have a list of possible negative side effects. Simply tell the doctor that you have been experiencing one or more of these side effects. The doctor will then most likely ask if you currently use medical marijuana to treat the condition. You should tell him that you are currently a marijuana user. Say that it relieves the symptoms of your condition and you do not experience any negative side effects from using marijuana.

This is pretty much all you need to do and you will be given your prescription for medical marijuana.

It might seem like a bit of a hassle but considering that it puts the law on your side, at least to a degree, I would say, it is worth every bit of the money and your time.


Where to Buy CBD Oil Near Me

If you’re interested in finding a place that sells CBD oil that’s located near you, then you’re in for a treat. In this article, we’ll give you insight into which methods you can use to find CBD oil in a quick, hassle-free way!

Everyone using CBD oil is interested in finding a place nearby where they can purchase it. However, it’s not only important to find a CBD place near you but it’s also important to find a high-quality product. That’s why we’ve decided to make this guide for all you CBD enthusiasts.

Furthermore, you’ll learn how much you should expect to pay for grade-A CBD oil so you don’t end up paying more than you need to.

Before you look for CBD oil near you

Before you set off on your quest to find the best CBD oil near you, first brush up on the medical marijuana laws in your state. Namely, in some states, you are required to get an MMJ card in order to purchase any kind of CBD product. On the other hand, in some states, you can simply ask for a doctor’s recommendation for the oil.

However, if you already have a medical marijuana card, then there’s no need to worry. All you need to do is find a trusted CBD oil manufacturer, and you’re set!

Unfortunately, for most people, that’s where the real problem is.

Finding the right CBD oil for you

Basically, when it comes to CBD oil, there’s hemp-based oil, and there’s cannabis oil.

Hemp-based CBD oil contains under 0.3% THC, whereas cannabis oil has between 5% and 10%. In no way does that mean that Hemp oil is less effective than Cannabis oil.

Obviously, you’re not going to get high from hemp-based oil. However, if you’re dealing with any type of pain, or you’re suffering from severe anxiety, then it’s just the thing for you. Although the oil won’t cure your condition, it will do wonders to relieve pain and stress.

However, you need to remember that just because cannabis oil helps someone with their ailment doesn’t mean you should choose it over hemp-based oil. The best thing you can do is try out both types, and see which works better for you.

How to find quality CBD oil near you

If you truly want to buy top-quality CBD oil, then there are a few things you need to be mindful of:

  1. Check the transparency of the company. Do they share their lab results, or do they keep them a secret? A trustworthy company shouldn’t have a problem sharing lab results online.
  2. Does the company use third-party lab testing?
  3. What extraction method do they use?
  4. Are the crops free of harmful chemicals such as pesticides, fertilizers, and herbicides?

Finally, if the company checks off all the boxes on our list, then you also need to see whether the customer support service provides full refunds to unsatisfied customers.

To help you in your search, we’ve provided reviews of some of the best CBD oil brands for you to check out.

#1 Royal CBD

Royal CBD is consistently one of the leading brands when it comes to CBD oil. They provide shipping to all 50 U.S. states.

When you load their website, you can see all the information about their products, so you can come to an informed decision on which oil to choose,

Royal CBD provides products that you can eat or vape. The only problem is choosing which product to buy!

#2 CBDistillery

CBDistillery is a well-known brand in the CBD oil industry. If you’re interested in their products, you’ll be glad to know that you can order anything you want online. All of their products are lab tested, and they use a CO2 extraction method. All in all, CBDistillery is one of the best brands in the business.

#3 Premium Jane

Premium Jane has CBD oil that’s sourced from material rich in CBD. The company ships to all 50 U.S. states and they offer full transparency when it comes to their products. If you want quality, Premium Jane CBD oil definitely won’t disappoint.

The conclusion

Overall, finding CBD oil near you don’t need to be unnecessarily difficult. If you’re having a hard time figuring out where to start looking, try out one of the brands we’ve suggested. We can assure you that they’re all top-quality brands.


Blue Dream Marijuana Strain Full Review

Whether you’re a medical marijuana expert or you’re just getting to know all the different strains, Blue Dream marijuana is the best weed around!

If you’ve heard of Blue Dream, but you have yet to try it, then this review is the perfect thing for you. We’re going to give you the full scoop on this strain so you can determine whether you’d like to try it out or not.

Blue Dream Flavor

Namely, the first thing you’ll notice when you sniff this strain is the pungent aroma. It smells incredibly fruity, and it will surely remind you of freshly picked blueberries!

The flavors are a mix of citrus, sandalwood, and grape. However, contrary to what you may expect, this weed isn’t at all blue or purple. In fact, it’s more of a green colored weed, with a hint of yellow and orange. Not at all what you would expect from a blueberry-scented strain.

Now, let’s get down to the good stuff — the effects.

Effects of Blue Dream

Blue Dream is a hybrid cannabis weed. Its genetic makeup is 60% sativa and 40% indica. It was created through cross-breeding blueberry and haze strains.

Namely, this weed has several different effects. Although it’s difficult to name all of them, the most common effects consumers will feel is euphoria. Furthermore, it’s energizing yet relaxing, uplifting, and will wake up your creative side.

When to smoke up

Ultimately, you can smoke up in the middle of the day and not have to worry about any drowsiness.

In fact, this strain is far better if you take it during the day because of the effects we previously mentioned. If you’re planning on smoking before bedtime, you can forget about sleeping.

Obviously, Blue Dream is also great if you’re planning on enjoying a fun night out with your friends, but you don’t want to get too high.

Furthermore, since the effects of this strain leave consumers with a sense of euphoria, Blue Dream is the perfect strain for people suffering from mental illnesses such as depression, stress, and anxiety. The weed also works wonders when it comes to chronic pain, migraines — it even helps with fatigue.

Ultimately, smoking the right dosage of this strain can help you overcome many ailments. However, if you over-consume, you can face some nasty side-effects, including paranoia, stress, anxiety, etc.

Possible side-effects

Side-effects are common with all marijuana strains, so we’re going to mention some that pop-up most frequently.

Basically, the most common side-effects are dry mouth and dry eyes. The best thing to do if you experience either one of these side-effects is to simply apply plenty of eye-drops, and stay hydrated.

The conclusion

As you can tell from our review, we’re pretty big fans of this amazing strain! It has all the best qualities you’d expect from a hybrid, and it comes with harmless side-effects. Overall, the important thing you need to remember when it comes to any weed is that you need to know your limits.

In the end, if you’re planning on using Blue Dream to cure your ailments, we’re positive you’ll be pleasantly surprised by its effects.


Is CBD Legal in All 50 States? The 2019 Legal Status Update

Due to the many beneficial effects of different CBD products, talking about the legality of cannabidiol has become more important. Unlike THC, which is the psychoactive ingredient we get from marijuana, CBD doesn’t have any mind-altering capabilities. Instead, this chemical substance simply allows users to feel more relaxed.

Many of the CBD products on the market have more benefits than negative consequences. Basically, they can help with pain relief, anxiety, and similar ailments. What’s more, they can also help with seizures. As a matter of fact, the FDA is currently considering whether they should approve the first prescription medication made from the cannabis plant in the U.S.

Lastly, CBD can help relieve signs of brain deterioration. It can even be useful for fighting the symptoms of addiction. So there are many potential benefits of using these products. But, with the complicated state of marijuana legality across the country, is it legal to use products derived from this plant? Let’s find out.

Is CBD Legal in All 50 States?

Depending on whether CBD in a product is derived from the hemp plant or marijuana, its legal status may vary. Sometimes, CBD does also contain traces of THC. However, it’s generally not enough to be detectable by drug tests, so most CBD products won’t affect your mental abilities at all.

Furthermore, if CBD was extracted from the hemp plant, it will have even lower amounts of THC in it. Recently, CBD derived from hemp plants became legal nationwide. So if you want to use hemp oil products, whether they’re edibles or lotions, you’re in the clear.

Still, even though hemp oil products are legal on a federal level, some states still impose restrictive local regulations. Usually, the restrictions coincide with states that have strict marijuana laws as well. For example, Idaho, Nebraska, and South Dakota have bans on all cannabis products.

Conversely, some states make it much easier to get your hands on CBD products — regardless of the plant of origin. For example, if you live in one of the 10 states that have legalized marijuana (or Washington, D.C.), you’ll be fine.

A Big Win for Hemp Farmers

In recent years, the hemp and marijuana farming communities have had quite a few successes on a legislative level. First, there was the Agricultural Act of 2014 that set the stage for the hemp industry to grow more than ever. More importantly, that bill introduced many lawmakers to the subject at hand for the first time.

Furthermore, in 2018, the Senate introduced and passed the Hemp Farming Act. Basically, this piece of legislation sought to transfer the DEA’s authority over hemp to individual states. The states would then be able to oversee their own hemp production. The goal of the whole thing is to see hemp become a farming product much like any other.

As of December of 2018, all of these things have been signed into law. So the 2018 Farm Act became the first step toward true legalization of CBD products in the United States.


Bill to Legalize Marijuana Sales in Vermont Cleared Senate Committee

In the state of Vermont, it is legal for adults over the age of 21 to consume and even produce cannabis for personal use. However, despite everything full marijuana legalization brought about, Vermont’s legislature still doesn’t account for marijuana sales. That’s precisely what the bill that appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee in February aimed to resolve.

The primary goal of this proposal was to create a Cannabis Control Board on a state level. The new system would tax all marijuana sales at 10 percent, and local areas could also choose to implement an extra 2 percent tax. Furthermore, the Board would also have the power to issue licenses to marijuana farmers and retailers as well as operate testing facilities.

And all of this is more than just fantasy. In fact, the Senate committee approved the bill in a 4 to 1 vote on Friday, February 15th. The details of the bill were worked out by the Senate Judiciary Committee led by Democratic Senator Dick Sears.

However, clearing the committee was only the first step on the road to legalization. The next step would require the bill to appear before the Senate Finance and Appropriations committees. While the bill that appeared before the committee was better than the current legislation in Vermont, it still wasn’t perfect. So before we talk about the future of the bill, let’s see how the original proposal changed.

Bill Provisions

One of the major flaws of the original bill is that it didn’t take product delivery into consideration. In fact, it would have made it impossible. That’s why the committee approved the requirement that the Cannabis Control Board ought to outline delivery recommendations according to the delivery services with other legal states.

Additionally, at least one member of the Cannabis Control Board must have experience in social justice advocacy. After all, the history of marijuana criminalization has a lot to do with that very subject. To that end, the bill ensures that people with criminal records wouldn’t be excluded from the legal cannabis market. What’s more, the Board would need to create opportunities for the communities that had suffered under marijuana prohibition.

Meanwhile, Democratic Representatives Linda Joy Sullivan and Maxine Grad proposed another piece of legislation in mid-February. They called for expungement of criminal records for people with misdemeanor marijuana possession sentences.

Still, should the bill become state law, the Board would start issuing retail licenses by April 2021. Even though more than a third of the Senate is already sponsoring this bill, its fate remains uncertain. Some lawmakers, like Republican Governor Phil Scott, are still concerned about driving under the influence. But then, legalization advocates would point out that alcohol is regulated and sold as well.

In summary, the current Vermont law allows the personal use and even cultivation of marijuana. However, this bill may give cannabis legislation a huge upgrade when it comes to commercial sales. So we’d certainly love to see how this story unfolds.